Cctv of Riachuelo Distribution Center Monitors

CCTV security cameras are indispensable solutions both to control the environments as to prevent and monitor suspicious actions, in stores and in other areas of the establishment, as, for example, the distribution centers. Knowing the importance of these solutions, the Riachuelo, a leading fashion retailers in the country, invested in technology in your new distribution center (CD), inaugurated in 2016, in the city of Guarulhos. The solution chosen was the complete system of Gunnebo’s IP CCTV, as we have seen in exclusive for the loss prevention Magazine 2017.

Gunnebo’s design, developed for the Riachuelo in Guarulhos, includes, in addition to the distribution center, the storage area, and separation order of the newly launched e-commerce company. The new CCTV of the Riachuelo distribution center covers a 106,000 square meters of space, the equivalent of 102 football fields, and monitors all its operations at the site.

Our main challenge was to monitor the operation of more than 120 docks in real time, ensuring the safety of confined areas, as well as monitor and make safer the employee drives and trucks in the external courtyard.

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“We needed a technology that accompany our needs. the challenge was to let the analog system and from ip. the ip cctv image quality is very good and provides tight integration with our systems. before we only had an official monitoring the images and integrating many managers have access to cd images that facilitate the viewing of all products entering and leaving our space, “says lucas barros, audit manager of the riachuelo.

The new distribution centre CCTV Riachuelo device allows managers to access the images with security through individual login and password. The Gunnebo technology performs real-time monitoring of all logistics, enabling the detection of possible operational problems.

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