Children’s Day: Idec Toys Care Alert

With the approach of the date, Institute guides on buying gifts. Consumer must pay attention to the age and safety of items

On November 12, is celebrated the Day of children. The Brazilian Institute of consumer Defense (Idec) alert about care in the choice of products and toys. Check the security of each item and the age group indicated, for example, can avoid accidents with toxic or dangerous materials.

For that, at the time of purchase, consumers should observe the Inmetro (National Institute of metrology, quality and technology). Certification is mandatory in any toy marketed in Brazil. According to the Institute’s technical manager, Carlos Oliveira, summer yet, it is recommended that parents be advised at the time of use of the product.

“The misuse can also cause accidents. Therefore, consumers should avoid buying items that have small parts, sharp pointed, “he explains. The same care should be observed in the packaging. Preferably, the Idec recommends that the adult open this along with children, are rigid plastic, Staples and wires in the packaging can hurt them.

Another recommendation from is about buying products in informal trade. Although they are usually cheaper, they are almost always irregular and may contain toxic substances in your composition. “In case of accidents, it is important to notify the Inmetro and the consumer defense organizations, so that these records can assist in improving the regulation of products,” reinforces the Manager of the Institute.

In addition, the Idec guides that adults take into account educational stimulation of the present. Parents and family must always reflect on what they buy and not give in to pressure from children or exclusively to advertising appeals. Promote trade bazaars are also good exercises of recycling and reuse of toys.