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Colombia Resorts and Attractions

Colombia is a country in the northwest of South America. In the north it is washed by the Caribbean Sea, in the west – by the Pacific Ocean. The name of the country comes from the name of the navigator Christopher Columbus. The capital is Bogota. Currency – Colombian peso. The official language is Spanish. Religion – Catholicism.

According to smb, Colombia has an equatorial and subequatorial climate. Average monthly temperatures in the plains are about 29*C, in the mountains – 16*C.
The fauna of the country is extremely rich in various species – these are butterflies and piranhas. And also – monkeys, jaguars, snakes, hummingbirds, etc.

The vast distances of the country are occupied by swamps, forests and mountains. This, together with a small population, hinders the development of land transport, contributing to the increasing use of air and waterways.

Resorts and attractions in Colombia

The territory of Colombia covers several climatic zones at once, although the country is not so large in size. Here you can see the coasts of the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans (this is the only South American state that has access to both oceans), tropical rainforest (selva), plains, deserts, the coastal climate of the Caribbean and the harsh climate of the highlands of the Andes. The eastern lands of the country are plains, in the west there are mountains. Almost the entire territory is covered with savannas and equatorial forests. The most exotic region of the Amazon. Tourists from Europe will need time to acclimatize.

Until now, Colombia remains a mystery to many tourists and only a few brave men dare to visit this country. The associations associated with it are still strong – plane crashes, drug lords, guerrillas, wild tribes of local Indians, bandits, police and federal troops. Indeed, in the history of Colombia, all this was. However, over the past decades, this country has changed a lot and continues to change. The country learns to be friendly to its guests and tries to give them a relatively cordial welcome. It pays off and Colombia is increasingly attracting tourists. Now millions of tourists from all over the world are in search of a beach holiday,

Bogota is the largest city in Colombia, located near the equator. It is located on the slopes of the Cordillera at an altitude of 3000 meters above sea level. Initially, this city was founded on the banks of a small river, the Rio San Francisco, which now flows under the city through an underground pipe.

Canyo Cristales – an amazing Colombian river flowing in the Macarena National Park, they say that it is like a rainbow, that it is the most beautiful on the planet, that it is a river flowing from paradise. It’s hard not to agree. The river shocks not only with clear and clean water, but also with an unusual bottom topography. Throughout the hundred-kilometer path, Caño Cristales amazes with the alternation of depressions and waterfalls, with its streams with a swift current and quiet backwaters.

The monolith is one of the largest stones in the world. This block arose 70 million years ago. It is more than 200 meters high, and another 120 meters is underground.

Interesting facts

The first traces of human presence in Colombia date back to 1500 BC. e. In 1536, a military expedition of 500 men led by Gonzalo Ximénez de Quesada conquered what is now Colombia for Spain.

Spanish is the official language of Colombia. It is spoken by all the inhabitants, with the exception of some tribes of aboriginal Indians.

Visa-free entry for up to 90 days to the territory of Colombia is allowed for Russian citizens from May 1, 2009.

Colombia for tourists can carry various dangers, so here you always need to be prepared for any situation. And not so long ago, this country was considered one of the most dangerous countries in the world and the most dangerous country in South America. It is primarily famous for kidnapping people. Currently, the security situation has improved, but it is still far from ideal. So they say. In fact, on Colombian soil, security is much better. But the fact remains that Colombia produces the largest amount of cocaine in the world and is the largest supplier of heroin to the United States.

Colombia Resorts