Colorful Macarons, Chic Pumps and a Touch of Chanel

Chic for the BRIGITTE Fashion Event-Booker Ebba has thrown herself into the little black for our fashion show, her coat with floral print and black suede boots. The”little Chanel” we would also like to perform…

Here you can find our weekly Fashion Diary at a glance!

To celebrate the”no model” year: With colorful macarons from Valentino, we celebrated our anniversary in the editorship.

Summerfeeling: In the cream-colored dress(Mongrels in common) and with the braided sandals(Pago Gil) we dream to the south. For the transition, we like to be happy with the mint colored lacing(Fratelli Rossetti).

New entry: Lisa van Houtem has just opened her new old pumps(Vintage) from strolls through the office for a change. We like!

We would also like to have these pretty belts. The bad news: we can not buy them-the female colleagues have found their waistguards at the flea market.

Pssst: In the spring of 2012 light blue will surely meet us in the fashion world. Our fashion editor Jan Gritz is already outclassing his Clarks-fit perfectly with the book”Fashion of the 50s”.

Even more shoes: The new Black Lace-Up Wedges(surface to air) by Aicha Reguieg from the Moderedaktion make also to red a good figure. Second proof that the colors harmonize: The pretty book cover.

Vote! The Facebook users have chosen the top 15 of our Ringel-Shirt contest. Now you can vote in your voting for your favorite and reward our colleagues for their commitment(photo above).

Gold editors : The ballerina-chain( Gabriele Frantzen)is executed for the next Kinobesuch of”Black Swan”. Right: With the Wonder Woman collection from MAC, which will be available from March, we are going to(carnival) superheroes.

A landscape with stars, Leomuster or pure fantasy? The pattern of the new sweater(woodwood) by Mareike Diettrich from the Moderedaktion is still discussed diligently. He is always pretty!

Black Beauty: The pumps from New York by Veronika Zweckerl from the Moderedaktion are not only eyed by the colleagues.