Concave Eye-Makeup-Spoon Trick

Mark the concave to perfection is a common difficulty in time to do the makeup. Sometimes one side gets more lean-to, or with a different format from the other, and then the makeup must be done all over again. But the days of torture ended with the emergence of the marking technique with a spoon. That’s right!

Concave-tutorial-by beautifoles

Follow a step-by-step simple and fast to make the concave perfect:

  1. Before the concave, it is advisable that the makeup base is already ready.
  2. For the eyes, a layer of concealer has been applied and is dry.
  3. The markup can be made with the shadow color more suitable for your skin tone, we will indicate as a shadow base Brown, but you can adapt to that make her beautiful.
  4. Choose a spoon that is proportional to the size of your eye. If the spoon is too big or too small the markup won’t be in the right place and the technique won’t work well.
  5. Position the tip of the spoon at the beginning of your eye, right after the space between the eye and the nose, the upper part of the spoon should fit in the gap between the mobile eyelid and eyebrow.
  6. With the spoon positioned and the shadow on the brush you can start doing the outline. To leave the lower or higher, simply move the spoon.
  7. After making the markup is just continue with the left that you want, whether it be for a party or for the day to day, what matters is that your dish will be perfectly marked and the shadow will not smear the rest of the eyelid.

The technique is already hit with vlogueira sets and fans of makeup on Instagram. Remember that there are several other techniques of makeup and even a way to decide where to start and finish the eyebrows using the spoon as a helper.

The tip to measure the eyebrow with the spoon is to put the cable where the imaginary lines are drawn on the image and see if they are right where they should be.