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The colonial charm of Hartford, the venerable Yale university campus and vast coastlines make a visit to Connecticut something special.

The state of Connecticut is located in the northeast of the country and is part of New England. The landscape is characterized by a wide forest and hilly landscape; in the east there are numerous sandy beaches along the coast. The so-called Constitution State is roughly the size of the state of Schleswig-Holstein and home to around four million people.


Hartford is the largest city in the state with approximately 125,000 inhabitants. Located directly on the Connecticut River, the state capital impresses with many colonial buildings – including the Armsmear Memorial, the former estate of Samuel Colts.

Connecticut is also famous in the United States for its well-known educational institutions. Combine a stop in the coastal city of New Haven with a stroll through the venerable campus of the world-famous Yale University and finally relax on one of the beaches near the city. In Connecticut, for example, the Kent State Park impresses with its landscape with several waterfalls in the middle of forests.

Travel tips and best travel time
Since there is no international airport in Connecticut itself, a connection via New York or Boston is recommended. These two cities are approximately 170 kilometers from Hartford. The climate in the northeastern United States is temperate, with the winters becoming very cold and snowy. The best time to travel is therefore especially spring, when the landscape is particularly green.

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The Harkness Memorial State Park has a Renaissance Revival-style mansion, a beautiful garden and a breathtaking view.


Yale is one of the most influential universities in the country, where 49 Nobel Prize winners once studied.


The Mystic Seaport is an exciting living history – open-air museum with an integrated museum harbor and shipping museum.


Mark Twain lived with his family in this house and wrote his famous works such as Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer.

Connecticut Zip Codes