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On February 1, 2008, the government of Costa Rica approved a new procedure for entering the country for citizens of a number of states, including Russia. Citizens of the Russian Federation need a visa to enter Costa Rica.

If the passport contains a visa valid for at least 6 months from the United States, Canada or EU member states, then citizens of the Russian Federation can enter Costa Rica without a visa for a stay of up to 90 days. In this case, you must have a passport valid for at least 6 months from the date of entry into the country and an air ticket to leave the country. If your return ticket is to a third country, then you must meet that country’s requirements to obtain, if necessary, a visa to that country.

List of documents for applying for a visa at the embassy:

Required documents and photocopies of all documents that you must submit to the Consulate at a personal meeting:

– a valid passport for a period of at least 6 months from the date of entry into the country;

– a photocopy of the passport pages with your personal information. If your passport has been renewed, then you must provide a page for extending the validity of your passport;

– photocopies of passport pages with other visas (USA, Schengen, etc.);

– A completed application form;

– 1 color photo (passport size);

– a copy of the ticket booking;

– proof of economic status (certificate from the place of work indicating salary, position, length of service or a certificate from the Bank on the status of your account for the last 3 months)

The cost of a visa is 20 US dollars, payment in Costa Rica.

The submitted documents will be reviewed and if you have brought a complete package of documents and your interview with the Consul was positive, you will be issued a visa.

The visa stamped in your passport is SINGLE-ENTRY, for one entry and exit from the country, for a period of one month for entry into the country and stay in the country for a maximum of one month.

An officer of the Migration Department upon entering the country determines the length of stay in the country.

The export of archaeological treasures, antiques, rare animals and birds, their skins and stuffed animals is prohibited.

Costa Rica, Embassy website:

Embassy in Costa Rica

Costa Rica, Embassy in Moscow
Embassy of Costa Rica in Moscow: 26/1 Rublevskoe sh. (metro station Kuntsevskaya, Molodyozhnaya) -Fri 9:00-16:00.

Costa Rica, Embassy website:

Costa Rica, Russian Embassy in the country:
Russian Embassy in Costa Rica:

Embajada de la Federacion de Rusia,

Apartado postal 6340-1000, San Jose, Costa Rica

Tel: (506) 256-9181

Fax: (506) 221-2054

E-Mail: [email protected]

San José Consular Section:

Embajada de la Federacion de Rusia, Seccion Consular, Barrio Escalante, de la Iglesia Sta. Teresita, 100 metros al Norte 150 metros al Este, San Jose, Costa Rica

Tel: (506) 221-1639 272-1042

Communication in Costa Rica

Telephone communication is established with all countries of the world. It is better to call from pay phones. Phone cards are sold at newsstands and shops.

To call Costa Rica, dial 8 – 10 – 506 – area code – phone number.

To call Russia, you need to dial 007 – area code – phone number.

Emergency Phones in in Costa Rica

Red Cross – 128

firefighters – 118

police – 117, rural police – 127

emergency phone – 911 (San Jose only)

Russian embassy phone – 221-2054 (San Jose)

January 1 – New Year’s Day

May 1 – Workers’ Solidarity Day

August 2 – Our Lady’s Day

August 15 – Dormition

September 15 – Independence Day

October 12 – Columbus Day

October 12 – America’s Discovery Day

December 25 – Christmas

Every city celebrates its own saint’s day. The patron saint of San José is Saint Joseph, whose day is celebrated on March 19th.

In Costa Rica, theft is common in the capital and major cities, so you need to carefully monitor your luggage. On the bus, it is best to take it to the cabin, as it can disappear from the luggage compartment at the bus stop. The car must be closed at all times, even if you are inside.

According to lawschoolsinusa, shops are open from 9.00 to 20.00. Boutiques and non-grocery stores from 9.00 to 19.30, and large stores from 8.00 to 19.00. Lunch break from 12.00 to 14.00.

In restaurants, tips are usually included in the bill (13% tax and 10% service charge). Tips are given to maids, porters, taxi drivers.

The national feature of the inhabitants of Costa Rica is hospitality. Residents are polite and smiling, so the country has a very friendly atmosphere.

220V, 50Hz;

To travel to some parts of Costa Rica, vaccinations against yellow fever, hepatitis A, typhoid and diphtheria tetanus are recommended.

Health care is developed at a fairly high level. There are many English-speaking doctors in San Jose.

Calling an ambulance is free.

Costa Rica Visa