Creature From Creator: Kim Dotcom Now Think That Mega is Unsafe

Kim Dotcom strikes again. This time, however, in an unexpected way: in a recent interview with Slashdot, the eccentric businessman said he believes it is no longer safe to store data on Mega. What would the creator attacking creation?


The first sign that things could go that way appeared in September 2013. Without many details, Dotcom left the direction of the Mega saying he would devote to service streaming of music Megabox – another stillborn project, by the way – and its entry into the political career, but hinted that he still had involvement with the company.

Maybe he was just moving away to disentangle authorities will know. What Dotcom argues is that he had to fully pass on the Mega to a Chinese investor because the New Zealand government (the country where the company is based) and “Hollywood” requisitioned funds of the enterprise.

Also according to the Dotcom version, the Mega came to be valued at over US $ 200 million, but the “persecution” of New Zealand and Hollywood studios authorities made the company’s value fall to $ 10 million. “I always said that this is a political case and the systematic sabotage of the Mega is one more proof of that,” he added.

There’s more: for Kim Dotcom, the transfer of Mega was a hostile takeover, or was taken against his will. He claims that such Chinese investor – that would be including being sought in China for fraud – used a number of tricks to win Mega actions.

The intervention of the New Zealand government and everything that followed is that Dotcom did not believe that it is safer to store data in the service, he says.

Wanted by Torrentfreak, the current CEO of Mega Graham Gaylard and COO Stephen Hall denied everything. According to executives, the company is currently held by 17 investors whose identities are disclosed in the New Zealand government website. They also argued that 75% of shareholders supported the recent decisions, so there was no takeover hostile.

Gaylard and Hall also hit a statement that the service is not safe stating, for example, that the Mega encryption system has been rated by many security experts and that no problem was found by them.

Which side is telling the truth? I do not know. Fact is, at bottom, the Mega never inspired confidence. At the other end, the positioning Dotcom is also strange: why only now he publicly acknowledged that no longer has any involvement with the company?

For the class of Mega, Dotcom wants to promote. He promised to create another storage service in the cloud by the end of the year, completely free and unlimited, non-profit, something along the lines of Wikipedia. Revenue for maintenance? Will come from donations…

Maybe I’m being too skeptical, but at this point it is difficult to trust the new promise. If we analyze well, MegaUpload mesmo was nothing revolutionary. The success of the service is made ​​up of piracy. Kim Dotcom gained the spotlight by “dramatic” way in which the FBI dropped the MegaUpload. Anyway, it costs to keep an eye on what’s next.