Cumbia of the Legging of Cristina Kirchner is Successful

“Ay, Cristina, you’re divine, in these pants,” says the song. A cumbia song that praises Argentine President Cristina Kirchner wearing leggings caused a furor on social networks in Argentina on Wednesday(24) and came to be one of the most talked about subjects.

“Oh, Christina, with these pants, you look divine, how beautiful the President is, by God!” Viva Perón!”President Cristina bought a pair of pants, the truth is divine.

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The cumbia praises the president’s appearance on Friday(20) wearing a black legging via at an act in the city of Ezeiza.

“President Cristina represents Argentina, with these beautiful pants she walks like a goddess.” With these beautiful pants, Cristina, you are divine, the boys shout, ‘How beautiful Cristina is.’ President Cristina bought a pair of pants.”, Adds the lyrics of the song that quickly spread on the internet.

The cumbia was created by Mauro Lecornel, and published on YouTube Saturday(21) has already been seen by more than 17 thousand people.

Since the appearance of the ruler with the look, the comments, for and against, were incessant in social networks and even in the great press.

“They draw attention to the pants, they give her a very youthful touch,” Senator Carlos Reutemann, a dissident Peronist, told reporters on Buenos Aires radio network La Red.