Desire to Make Ballet?! Profile Tips for Grown-up Dancers

More than 2 million. This is the number of photos on instagram with the hashtag ballet. There is no doubt that the traditional dance returned to the peak and have this social network as your best friend. And more: in the middle of 2014, the ballet longer exclusivity of small and of professionals, opening an infinite field for adults who often debut this hobby after grown. After all, how can you not be charmed to see those girls super body turned and still very, very feminine?

Among the new waves of dancers who started or resumed the habit in recent times, the Fitness Ballet is one of the most commented-the method was created by Betina Dan, which has just opened his own studio in São Paulo and has tens of thousands of followers if inspiring with its pirouettes which blend dance moves the puxadíssimos exercises. It is worth saying that Betina is the best poster girl of your method: look at the body down and try not to feel immediate pants shoes!

Also in São Paulo, the instagram @vemcomasbailarinas shows information of classes led by dancer Gambo Puoli (also owner of the profile @balletvideos). Fitness version aside, the @estudioanaca offers classes of different types for different levels of dancers – was there, by the way, that started the ballet. And if so cool as the dance itself is to dress her, @pa_de_d and @capeziodobrasil have gorgeous looks to those who have left the age of face the traditional pink tutu!

The cariocas are also joining. In Rio, the dancer behind the profile @itballerina is in charge of the adept in Dalal Achcar, one of the most prestigious areas of the city ballet for years. There and here (in Brazil), the Leotard only grows and is beyond inspiring: @carolmagalhaes, @chrispitanguy, @daniellasarahyba and @biaperotti – photos below – are just some of the that make us have more motivation to start now!