Devialet D-premier in the Test: Amplify Your Life

Hardly a HiFi component is currently such a sensation like the chic French digital integrated amplifier Devialet D-Premier. stereoplay tested the latest upgrade and says: absolutely right.

The message of the 12,000 euro expensive Devialet D-Premier is unmistakable: every little vibration in music shall be kept. But unlike as all those amps which formed the intention to build the “world’s best amplifier”, the D-Premier not owes its existence to this objective. He goes rather back? ck on a brilliant idea of switching its creator, the telecommunications specialists Pierre Emmanuel Calmel. His idea in fact has the potential to build the best amplifier in the world. They developed everything else at Devialet quasi around this core.

The French did it so consistently, that goes through the D-Premier as the protagonist in a New generation of Hi-Fi equipment. He offers a captivating blend of prestigious design, high-performance, high-tech appeal and easy to use as well as high flexibility, individual configurability and connectivity. It is at least as zeitgeistig as a high-quality Smartphone.

So you can fu? r heat the Devialet because even in two ways: curious “early adopters” and music lovers just buy it and have fun – HiFi-freaks, however, enjoy a full charge of technology, which is so fast not to beat. In any case, but you? sharpen D-Premier – customer a lifetime the next, taking? of course free software update are looking forward. That improves the sound quality times, sometimes it brings new features or expands the possibilities of configuration.

However, the technique of the D-Premier is not an end in itself, but welcome in its functioning? located. So his Herzstu mate? ck, the final gain block, per channel an analog class-A amplifier as voltage control level with a class D amp as power suppliers. This patented parallel connection combines the best of several worlds, lowest distortion, high output, excellent efficiency and a very high damping factor also linear. Thanks switching amplifier Unterstu? support needs the class-A amp to raise only a fraction of the speaker current and is therefore almost without load, which again improves its properties.

To connect digital sources directly, but also to achieve a high noise ratio works digital preamp section along with level control. The trick: The D/A converter before the power amplifiers (Burr-Brown PCM 1792) generate uber a similarly patented power voltage – converter output stage already all the necessary voltage. So the dynamic range of the DAC chips take full advantage of, while the class A amps in so-called one reinforcement work virtually noise-free – is awesome.

Netu? of course the D-Premier can play analog audio sources . Their signals are the best currently available A/D converter-module (TI PCM 4220) transferred into the digital. The volume setting as well as the cutting characteristic curves equalisation fur phono input u? will a SHARC DSP by analog devices. Which has more abundant compute capacity fu? r later applications, such as active crossover fu? r bi- or tri-Amping configuration of several D Prime Minister.

Hearing test

In the listening test fascinated the Digitalamp through its almost majestic, u? ber doubt sublime sound. He allowed a totally massless unfolding the tones. Freed from the u? literal pressure on the ears, could you indulge in completely music – even at hefty volumes.

This created an atmosphere in which any discussion u? about neutrality, sharpness, or spatial appeared downright banal, because everything in the exact right amount was available. With the Devialet you? are sharpened the question “how much amplifier needs man?” a fur always have done.

High resolution wireless

The Afterru Stables WLAN module makes the D-Premier to the streaming client. The Devialet-exclusive process AIR (asynchronous Intelligent route) allows full high resolution Tõnu? transfer from your computer. The fu? r Mac and PC verfu gbare AIR application using the control functions? blicher player software like iTunes, but similarly bypasses Amarra or pure music to sound bottle neck USB data output. Instead u? valid AIR only native music data packets without clock signals, which in the D-Premier reassembled and jitter free uber the internal master clock be resynchronized. AIR is based on the WiFi standard 802. 11n, is thus compatible with all commonly used Wi-FI networks.


Smart D-Premier is an work of art uncompromising in every respect. Despite audiophile style, he applies less old school Hi-Fi activists, but distinctly sophisticated and technology-savvy customers who want only the best.