Devil Ultima 40 MK II in the Test

May II connect the devil Ultima 40 MK to the successes of its predecessor? We tried the cheap level box.

The Ultima 40 Devil is a strikingly adult status box that changes hands in pairs for just 450 euros. The haptic equivalent is already gigantic: the horizontal edges are generously rounded terminal pleasant grip, that refined high-gloss baffle. The material covers look really elegant. The carrier consists of a synthetic mesh, which interferes with the lateral spreading of sound much less than the previously usual, beaded wooden frame.

While skeptics still pondering whether the sound keeps its promise the optics, the army of bargain hunters has decided long ago. According to the manufacturer, the Ultima 40 was the best-selling stand box of in Germany last year. The recently introduced second generation wants to do everything a little better.

You can see the further development on the newly added base, which results in more height 3 cm. The chassis with membranes made of fiberglass, Kevlar and fabric were subtly refined, the crossover completely renewed. Consequently, some other crossover frequencies will be.

Devil Ultima 40 MK II: hearing test

The Sonic result is more important than changed key data, and that convinced the new Ultima down the line. Was the predecessor (see AUDIO 2/2011) still a fun box trimmed on loudness and superficial attack, the new version added a good deal of naturalness. Frequency response curves at the MK II clearly linear, the distortion is low. With this highly sophisticated voting the Ultima is even suitable for classical music.

Concerns, the temperament of the first generation had remained on the track, are unfounded. The impulsive electro-pop track “My Dog Eats Beats” rolls so strongly from the MK II, that fans of this style from the grin won’t come out. Similar to sovereign, this genre in this field dominated only the magnate. Also with the soulful Neil Diamond ballad “I’m A believer” the devil makes a very good figure. Way multi-layered rarely sound so cheap boxes.