Does Bra Sleep Hurt? Find It out

When it comes to wearing a sleeping bra, there is no shortage of opinions. They say it is bad for your health and that use can even cause breast cancer. However, are all of these statements true?

Bra Sleep: Myths And Truths

According to a report in the journal Exame, there is no evidence that wearing a sleeping bra is harmful.

On the other hand, the use also has no proven benefits. Wearing a sleep bra has no effect on the shape of the breasts and does not guarantee that the breasts are steeper, for example.

So go a lot of what you prefer: sleeping with or without a bra is your choice!

Good Choices For Bra Sleep

If you feel better by sleeping in your bra, you can opt for models that are comfortable, no seams or hoops. Choose soft tissues that allow the skin to transpire.

Avoid – both day and night! – tight bras. These can be harmful to the bloodstream, and can even affect sleep.

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