Downtrend: Microsoft Throws Out Htc Windows 8 Start

Disappointing European business

HTC is under tremendous pressure by competitors like Apple and Samsung is this reflected also in the profits of the enterprise: the revenues are projected to be in the second quarter only at 91 billion Taiwan dollars (2.4 billion euros), HTC announced. These are 13 percent less than still predicts the end of April. The main reason for the gloomy Outlook is a disappointing spiraling business in Europe, said HTC Chief Financial Officer Chang Chialin. A patent dispute with the iPhone maker Apple led to delays in the United States.

Windows 8 start without HTC

To make matters worse, microsoft HTC could by exclude its new operating system windows 8 by the expected momentum and thus cut off from a safe source of income. As bloomberg reported microsoft concerns has that HTC has insufficient experience for the production of tablets, citing people familiar with the matter and could drop off may not have enough equipment, it says. Microsoft had released the last pre-release version of windows 8 last week. The finished version is for the fall expected.

Download: Windows 8 (release preview, 32 bit)
Download: Windows 8 (release preview, 64 bit)

Quarrel due to launcher

First the software group wants to bring out a version that is capable of, rather than to run on intel’s x86er processors on the chip of the british designer ARM. These chips are preferably used in tablet computers. Microsoft wanted strictly control the production of the first tablets with the ARM software windows RT, to ensure the quality of the equipment, bloomberg reported. After talks with HTC, microsoft have decided then not to cooperate with the company. A point of contention had been that HTC would give a personal touch home screen. Microsoft however insist that no changes are made to the software.

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HTC was once exclusive partner of microsoft at its start in the mobile market. The former platform windows mobile, which still largely resembled the desktop screen and had to be operated with a stylus, the taiwanese manufacturer on the home screen then missed a unique interface, themselves also with the fingers had and the success of the microsoft platform that promoted had. (AP/UK)