Drunk Driver Had a Bearded Dragon in Your Bra

What Causes A Person To Keep A Bearded Dragon In Your Bra?

People love to drink the most different types of alcoholic beverages, but drink mix with direction is something that is usually very dangerous, both for the driver and for the people who are on the road next to it, and can easily become fatal, ending the life of entire families, which does not have any fault of the altered state of others when your around. Even so, the following story is nonetheless hilarious and quite bizarre!

A driver from the town of Massachusetts, located in the United States of America, was arrested after hitting six mailboxes while driving drunk with a passenger who was also in a very altered state due to the consumption of drinks alcoholic beverages.

The driver Amy McCarthy, 39 Rebello-years of age, was having trouble talking when the authorities found, after hitting your car brand Mercedes C280 of 1999.

The situation got even more crazy when Amy revealed to police that he was with a bearded Dragon. Where would you keep a bearded dragon as you drive? In your BRA, of course, reported by programingplease.com.

The bearded dragon has been transferred to the Police Department of Tauton and then to the Animal Control Office.

Police said the driver Amy McCarthy stabbed their 4 Rebello-tires in the accident. She was indicted for operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol, reckless driving and violation of private property. In case you’re curious, the bearded Dragon passes well and has not suffered any damage with the car accident caused by Amy.


Police: Drunk Driver Had Bearded Dragon in Bra After Crash …

Police: Drunk Driver Had Bearded Dragon in Bra After Crash ...

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