DÜSseldorf’s Retro Salons: Salon Walter Steiner

The hairstyles of tutorials alone does not give them the vintage Flaneur be found? You want prefer to fudge? Then we have some good news: the Düsseldorf retro ladies (and not only the retro world of women) has a new, fantastic Salon you can visit to be on pretty. The Salon Walter Steiner opened its doors in early November after extensive renovations and is a feast for the eye and certainly worth a visit.

The Salon by Carola Steiner and Jessica Walter is equipped exclusively with real props from the 50s.The two Friseurmeisterinnen call themselves “Miss Kitty” and “Miss Jette” and specialize in the 40s up 60s hairstyles. Only the hair care by Balmain and “Sexy Hair” (vegan) correspond to the current zeitgeist.

Five years the young entrepreneurs of the rosacremefarbenen Moulinexfön have collected original equipment parts hood until the Kadus, to make the new hot spot of elegant decades of the last century.

The two holders live privately in the style of that time and had lived in their professions also always this page: Carola Steiner was allowed to wear their individual outfits in the job with their previous employer exemption; Jessica Walter tweaked scene events.

Even customers with pleasure in the current zeitgeist be styled delighted. You should bring only joy of coffee in small Sammeltässchen.

The ladies offer a wide range of possibilities: hairstyles for private, shows, events, balls, weddings, film, etc. Olaplexbehandlungen, extensions in various lengths and colours, but also manicures, make ups for every occasion and of course historic hairstyles with emphasis on the 1920s up 1960s according to vintagematters.net. Also outside the home visit Miss Kitty and Miss Jette you on festivals, balls, stag, and the like.

Address: Düsseldorf Kronprinz road 96

Opening hours: Monday closed, Tuesday 10-21: 00, Wednesday 10 am 7 pm, Thursday 10-7: 00, Friday 10 am 7 pm, Saturday 8 am-3 pm

Appointments outside of these hours and outdoors are also possible upon agreement.