Editige I-Microphones For Apple Iphone, Ipad And Ipod

End to quiet and poor audio recordings

Editige I-Microphones For Apple Iphone, Ipad And Ipod
The smartphones of today all have a built-in microphone, but the quality of the recorded material is anything but smart. Too soft, too obscure, too noisy. If you want more than just a mediocre sound for good video quality, do not miss an additional microphone. Of course it should be small and handy. Just like the EDUCATIONAL i-MICOPHONE for example.Hardly larger than a pinboard needle and with prices of far under 50 euros they are hardly significant. But what are the small microphones for?

Anyone with an Apple iPhone video recordings or uses the smartphone for voice recordings or live recordings, certainly knows the problem that the internal microphones do not offer the best performance. Either everything sounds unclean or is generally too quiet, as soon as the phone a little further away from the recording source in position brings. Considering that these microphones are installed deep inside the smartphone, it is also not surprising that under extreme conditions the quality decreases. After all, they are optimized for the telephone conversation and are to perform inconspicuously their service. For a simple recording or a small video, however, they are still sufficient. But we want more.


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What if I want to shoot a video at a concert, cut a conference or record the first words of my child, without which I miss the details? For the first purpose, there is the EDUTIGE i-MICROPHONE EIM-002, for voice recording the EIM-001. Both very small and super-processed microphones, which are simply plugged into the 3.5 mm headphone jack and thus significantly improved both sensitivity and quality. The microphones are compatible for Apple iPad, iPod and iPhone. Versions that are also compatible with Android smartphones and other devices are currently being worked on. I will start my test with the EIM-001.

Space-Saving And Effective

The EIM-001 is the smallest version of these microphones. It is just 23.5 mm in size and fits in every wallet. If you put it on the iPhone, are only 18 mm over, which hardly notice. The EDUTIGE connectors are gold plated to ensure the best quality. The case around the actual microphone is so narrow that the microphone also fits perfectly with the thick case of the iPhone. I myself use a quite thick protective cover and was surprised that this microphone still found so good place.

Prerequisites, Technical Data And Possible Applications

When I saw the small box lying in front of me came to doubt whether such a small microphone really enough to improve the quality and volume of recordings significantly. I must admit that I have also assumed that there is a special app for this microphone, with which I have to make the recordings. But the manual, which was limited on a small note with the most important information, suggested something else. Unlike I expected, I can use my normal iOS apps for either video or voice recordings and do not have to load an extra app.All you have to do is plug the microphone into the appropriate socket and start the existing app.

The EIM-001 is especially optimized for speech and offers a frequency range from 50 Hz to 18 kHz with an average sensitivity of-22 db. The noise behavior, which is also due to the supplied windshield at 45db+, is good and sounds pleasant even in wind.

Editige I-Microphones For Apple Iphone, Ipad And Ipod 2

Thanks to the omnidirectional directional characteristic (ball, 360 degrees), the EIM-001 isvery suitable for conferences in which I place the phone in front of me and still can clearly record each individual participant at the table. Even if he sits at the other end of the conference table.

The First Test

In my first tests, where I always switched between the built-in microphone of the iPhone and the i-MICROFONE EIM-001 back and forth, I could hardly notice large differences, since I spoke directly into the phone. One noticed already, the quality and sensitivity a bit increased, but for necessary I considered it the additional because not yet. Should I feel confirmed that the internal microphone for simple recording is quite sufficient? No, because as soon as I held the iPhone away from the direct sound source-in the case me-, I noticed clearly how the quality of the internal microphone decreased with increasing distance. The sound became much more unclean and many details were lost. At this point the EIM-001 plays its strengths.Even at a greater distance between the iPhone and the sound source, the recording still sounds clear, full and is hardly quieter. But listen:

Optimized For Good Sound In Video Sequences: The EDUTIGE I-MICROPHONE EIM-002

When it comes to conferences or voice recordings, the fact that one should as well as the voice behind the iPhone record, it is reversed in video recordings. You want to hear what you see in the picture. For this, the i-MICROPHONE EIM-002, which is not yet listed at Cyberport, isrecommended. The brother of the EIM-001 comes with a 90-degree joint, which makes the alignment to the sound source easier to determine. This is also necessary for video recordings.

Apart from the fact that another windscreen was found in the package, the performance data for the EIM-001 also differ. The EIM-002 supports a frequency range from 50 Hz to 20 kHz (EIM-001: 50 Hz-18 kHz) with a sensitivity of -20 db (-22 db). The noise behavior here is 60 db+(40 db+). It is also slightly larger due to the joint, but that does not matter.

In the identical test, which I had also done with the EIM-001, I could hardly make a difference between the two EDUTIGE microphones. It was different when I was on a busy street. While the internal microphone was already overburdened with the many, different loud and quiet noises, the EIM-001 showed its great advantages. All that was around me was to be heard clearly, loudly, without exceeding. However, this is not always desired in a video, as background noise is often in the foreground unintentionally. But there is the EIM-002, which gives you a different experience in such situations. While the EIM-001 places particular emphasis on the 360-degree coverage, the EIM-002 plays its strength with videos.The special design and the possibility to adjust the microphone filters out as many noises as possible, which are not visible in front of the camera and later in the picture.

Editige I-Microphones For Apple Iphone, Ipad And Ipod 3

The overall acoustics of a video is so a bit quieter, side noise and street noise disappears while the video is also clearly seen.
If you like to make videos with the smartphone is the EIM-002 best advice.


As an optional accessory, you can buy the ESL-001 extension cable, which can be used to control the sensitivity. In addition, the microphone can be detached from the iPhone, to be able to record freehand. This is simply connected between the iPhone and the microphone, which means that the microphone can also be used quite easily at this moment. If you like to put the smartphone in the pocket and the microphone with the enclosed clip attached to the collar of the shirt, you can record hands-free the conversations. This is of course a big advantage compared to the internal microphone.


If you use the recording function on the iPhone frequently, whether for video or voice recordings, the i-MICROPHNES by EDUTIGE is always well advised. An increase in sensitivity and quality is clearly noticeable. What is not to be ignored is the fact that with increased volume of the speech also all noise are recorded louder. When I test the internal microphone in the room barely noisy, the i-MICROPHONE EIM-001 were amplified just as clearly as the speech and were thus very audible. So you should always weigh what you want to record and what is important to you.

For which of the microphones you decide in the end, I leave you. It also depends entirely on the use. If you mainly record videos, the EDUTIGE i-MICROPHONE EIM-002 is recommended. If you want to record conferences or interviews, you should decide for the EIM-001. I myself prefer the all-rounder EIM-001. With its minimal size it fits perfectly into the Brieftasche, so I have it at any time ready for use with me in the man. With its sound quality, it has clearly convinced me and the price-performance ratio at almost 30 euros is really top.