Eric Schmidt: Android Already Surpasses The IPhone and Google TV Will Be in Most of Broadcasters in 2012

Eric Schmidt is ready to everything to defend its products until the end, both at the level of the continuous war of patents already in the market where it is the consumers who decide on what they want to spend the money. For him things are always going wind aft, or at least that is what one takes off his latest declarations at the LeWeb Conference in which looks like total winner.

For the summer of 2012 most of broadcasters that are in the market have built-in Google TV

The statements they are somewhat risky, and more if you only have two manufacturers that implement it: Sony and Logitech, and more so when East last has decided to leave the support had given him. Why say that the scene is going to improve? Is not very clear, but it appears that rumors that give to LG as new manufacturer may have some sense, in the absence of official confirmation from any of the two companies, it seems that Eric knows any treatment that can not bring to light for the time.

As for Android, has also been very positive, making even that already beat the iPhone in many issues

Android already outperforms the iPhone. There is more volume of units, the price to the consumer is less, there are more manufacturers and is free

The latter is measurable, and is that Android is located around 48% of the amount of active terminals while the iPhone is around 16%. If you’re interested in the background of your statements, you can see the following video which explains more to fund their motives, as well as other thing