Eric Schmidt Comes out in Defense of Android after Allegations of The Biography of Steve Jobs

Another day we are echoing the dimes and bickering that entails the war of accusations that you keep Google and other competitors in this mobile operating systems. If yesterday Google answered the latest statements from Microsoft, Eric Schmidt today has come out in defense of Android after the critical It is collected in the posthumous Biography of Steve Jobs.

After his death and the publication of his biography, met the feelings that had Steve Jobs, the great guru of Apple, about Android. These were not but Google’s operating system “ was a stolen product & #8221;, and who would spend his entire Fortune if necessary to “ destroy Android & #8221;.

Asked about these harsh accusations, the CEO of Google Eric Schmidt, has declined to make any comment on the matter:

I’ve decided not to comment on what has been written in a book after his death. Steve was a fantastic human being and someone who I will miss great deal.

However, and despite the good words, Eric Schmidt could not avoid leaving in defense of its mobile operating system:

As a general comment, I think most people will agree that Google is an innovator and also add that works on Android began long before the first sketches for iPhone.

In this regard, and to illustrate the words of Schmidt, we can go to the newspaper, and it is that Android Inc., the company that planted the seed of what would later become Android, began to work in its mobile software platform in 2003. Later, in 2005, Google acquired full, appropriating the development that already had begun.

Apple, for its part, launched iOS in 2007, Although it is clear that the development would have surely begun quite some time before. What we don’t know is How long before, or if they were the 4 years between the beginning of the development of Android from the release of iOS, even if an operating system is somewhat complex to develop.

What if it is true the extreme secrecy around all the developments of Apple, and that is very unlikely anyone would have been able to have access to the information and filter what Apple had in mind as its operating system for smartphones.

In addition, include the notable differences birth to Android and iOS have had forever, although it is inevitable that over time, tends to copy the good rivals in the same way that they you copied to ti. Again, the controversy is served, although in reality the users are already a bit tired of this continuous crossing of charges.