Facebook Messenger Activates The Group Video Calling for Some Users

A few months ago, Facebook Messenger allows you to make Group calls with friends (and even more recently, also from the web), but for now the calls were limited only to voice conversations. The thing is now changing to now include the Group video calling, such as Skype, WeChat or some other.

The function seems to be activated for some users Yes, for others not, so the easiest way to find out is go to a chat group and see if, there is a new icon of a camera next to the button of the phone to perform a group voice call to make a Group video calling.

Group video calling

The operation of group video calling is very similar to the previous voice calls, although there are some obvious developments also include the image. Here Facebook has recycled the floating video window to see the video of the os participants while you still have access to the chat. The window is small, but is wide to play on it and you can switch to full screen with an extra touch.

In full display, focus It automatically switches to who is talking at that time, Although you can also touch on the profile of the participants picture to view your camera manually.

The presentation varies according to the number of participants, but for small group shows videos in one grid, so that will be easier to see everyone present in VT..

Taking into account that both Skype and Hangouts not are experiencing right now its moment of greatest popularity, Messenger is now converted into the application with a larger base of users with group video calling.