Facebook Messenger Improves Your Camera with Effects, Stickers, Masks, Frames and Text

Do you use Facebook Messenger for? send photos to your friends? No? Then maybe you should start to consider it as what was a rather normalita camera function has just become something very different, and Yes, once more inspired by Snapchat.

The changes are the following: new masks, frames, custom stickers and improved texts for that you are communicating with your friends in a more visual way. Some of these functions are now available in the beta of Messenger, although the official global deployment is “in the coming days”.

“Waiter, there’s an of Snapchat in my Messenger”

The next time that you send a photo taken directly from Facebook Messenger, you’ll find a few changes in the interface. The button to switch the camera goes to the top and you have four different buttons to decorate your image: stickers, texts, scribbles manuals and texts to full screen.

While formerly Messenger already let you include a simple text or scribble in the photo, the possibilities multiply now with the new stickers. The list of frames, stickers and predesigned text It is very broad, and they are classified in different categories to find them more easily. The search engine at the top also serves as a generator of texts, because any text that you write will generate images with it.

While Facebook speaks of masks in 3D to the MSQRD, in my Messenger Beta not appear me, so it is possible to arrive later. As you can see in this animated GIF of Facebook, the effects with masks are encouraged.

The function of scribbles and texts remain equal, although now the masks come centre stage. For its part, the texts to full screen they are an alternative to the photos when you want to send a text message that highlights more than a normal text. Sent by touching the icon from the palette.

After writing the text, you get “ornaments” suggestions to include in it so that you have more grace. I’m not going to lie, they are improvements with a very specific audience in mind, it used Snapchat.