Facebook Messenger Is Testing a Way of Saving of Data

Facebook is always trying something new in one of your applications, and is now the turn of Facebook Messenger, which is showing some users a new option for save data during the talks.

Novelty not too surprising as it goes on the line mode data present in Google Chrome, the same Android or without leaving home, instagram, and more or less in the main application Facebook and more Facebook Lite and Messenger Lite.

At the moment, testing

If you want to know first hand if you’re the lucky owner of this new data saving function, open Messenger and touches the extreme right to go to your profile tab. Under Sounds & notification You should see the new Data Saver.

In this section there is a button to activate the saving of data, a counter to find out how much you have saved thanks to this mode, and another button to reset the account. For now the only change to activate this is that turns off the automatic downloading of images and videos in conversations.

I.e., if someone insists on sending you thousand pictures and videos in Facebook Messenger, with the saving mode you should playing in each image so that it begins to download, rather than download it all automatically. To connect to a Wi-Fi network, it adopts the normal operation, downloading all.

This mode has been sighted in Messenger Beta, But even if you install the APK or download a later version from Google Play does not guarantee you to have it. Seems to be a test in this case perhaps among a limited number of users, or probably in some countries where by poor network infrastructure tends to be more necessary a function, as in India.


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Source: www.androidcentral.com