Federal Government Invents Rules for Buying Tablets

The federal government, through the National Monetary Council (CMN), approved on October 16 the inclusion of the tablets in the Minha Casa Melhor program, an extension of the Minha Casa, Minha Vida program , which allows the purchase of some products with much lower interest rates Of those practiced by the market.

That is good, any initiative to reduce the payment of the highest interest of the planet can not be criticized.

The bad thing is when the executive begins to create rules – the same ones used in the biddings – that end up eliminating manufacturers and privileging others.

What can be bought

In the site of My Best Home , Caixa Federal informs the characteristics of the tablets that can be acquired through the program:

1 – the value of the tablet can not exceed 800 reais;

2 – capacitive screen;

3 – size equal to or greater than 7 inches;

4 – storage of at least 8GB;

5 – wi-fi connection;

6 – memory card slot;

7 – camera and …

8- the whole tablet must have an operating system (!)

True, the operating system is a very important item on a tablet.

And putting the wi-fi connection is just to generate confusion.Does anyone know of a tablet without wi-fi?And if I want to buy one with 3G, can not I?

The camera could be removed from this relationship, since many manufacturers prefer to insert other more important items.

In short, this relationship there is a big bullshit.

Who participates

In order to buy a tablet through the My Best Home program, you must be enrolled in My House, My Life.

The list of accredited stores is at this link .

The best thing is to give a call before going to the store.

The same goes for on line stores. I made contact with Americanas.com and was informed that they are not selling tablets through this government program.