Female SunglassesTrends

Necessary accessory for the creation of the most varied types of looks, the female glasses are always presenting news, as different models, exotic formats, etc. And for the year 2017, it should be no different.

Apart from composing well different types of costumes, the sunglasses are essential to protect the eyes from damage caused by excessive exposure to the Sun’s rays, consisting of an item that can not miss when you go to the beach, swimming pool, Club or anywhere the abert the. And other swimming accessories click Equzhou.com.

Among the trends for 2017, the eyeglasses frame mother of Pearl has gained prominence, appearing as a stylish alternative not only for the sunglasses, but also to the eyeglasses. She must take the place of the wooden frame, hit last summer.

Female Sunglasses 2017 Trends

The trends in female sunglasses 2017 also points to the continuity of the mirrored sunglasses, which are great especially for use in warmer weather, providing the creation of amazing looks.

The same should happen with the colorful frame glasses, another success of the summer 2016. The style combines with the hottest season of the year, allowing you to play with the colors highlighted at this time, some of the traditionally more dark frames.

The classic model of glasses Kitty is another that promises to continue among the favourites of the ladies, especially in the case of those who like to dare a little more visual. And the coolest thing is that this version may appear combined with other trends, bringing, for example,mirrored lenses or colored frames.

Female Sunglasses 2017 Summer Trends

The collections of 2017 eyeglasses for women should also continue to bring options as the Aviator model, which is a kind of Joker, because it looks good on almost any face type and season.

Other styles in high for the next few months are the rectangular glasses, very indicated for those with round face; the Ray Ban Gatsby, round and oval versions, most vintage style; and Ray Ban Round, in their different models.

Independent of the trends, news and betting, the tip is to always pick the glasses according to the shape of the face.

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