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Since March 25, 2001, Finland has been part of the Schengen area. This means that a visa issued by the Finnish embassy will allow you to freely enter the Schengen countries.

To obtain a visa, the following documents are required:

– a completed application form;

– 1 color photograph 36 x 47 mm, head height 25 – 35 mm, photograph not more than six (6) months old, background color must be neutral and lighter than the face. A gray color is recommended, the darkness of which is 18%, or blue; the image of the applicant must correspond to his modern appearance, the position of the head is full face (the face is straight), hats, dark glasses, etc. are not allowed.

– a passport valid for 3 more months after the end of the planned trip;

– Documents or relevant information that substantiates the purpose and conditions of the trip. The purpose of the trip can be proven, for example, with an invitation (which is a guarantee of a visa), a cover letter from an employer or a hotel reservation;

– an insurance policy in the amount of at least 30,000 euros, valid in all Schengen countries.

If the applicant is a minor and is traveling alone or with one parent, written travel permission from the second parent or guardian is required, or, if it is not possible to obtain it, documents confirming the reason for the lack of permission (certificate of a single parent or other documents).

A single entry visa costs 35 Euros.

The cost of issuing visas is indicated in euros, but they are paid in Russian rubles at the exchange rate on the day of payment. The visa client first comes to the Embassy and leaves an application for a visa and the necessary documents. The employee checks the documents and issues a payment account to the visa applicant. The invoice has three parts and each part has the same system number. The first part remains at the Embassy and works as an identification number instead of the previous coupon. The remaining two parts remain with the client and with them he pays the visa fee. The bank charges a fee for each visa in rubles in accordance with its tariffs on the day of payment. In order to ensure the smooth issuance of the visa, the visa fee must be paid on the day the visa application is submitted or, at the latest, the next day.

The processing time for an application is five business days.

The visa section of the Embassy of Finland in Moscow is open on weekdays from 9 am to 4 pm without a break. For visa issues, please call (495) 787-41-78 from 10 to 12.

At the Finnish border, you must provide a passport valid for 3 months from the end of the trip, a visa issued by the Embassy of Finland and a tourist voucher. In the case of an individual trip, an invitation from a private person or employer is required.

Tourists are allowed to import duty-free into the country 1 liter of alcoholic beverages with a strength of 22 to 60 degrees (either 2 liters of drinks with a strength of 12 to 22 degrees, or 1 bottle of champagne) + 2 liters of wine with a strength of up to 12 degrees + 15 liters of beer. Most Russian citizens take advantage of this opportunity, as Finland has very high prices for alcoholic beverages. Age restrictions for the transport of strong drinks – 20 years, for beer – 18 years; 200 cigarettes or 250 g of tobacco. Age limit for the transport of tobacco products – 16 years; 50 ml perfume and 250 ml eau de toilette; including transportation of no more than 15 kg of foodstuffs is allowed.

There are no restrictions on the amount of money that can be brought into or taken out of Finland.

Finland, embassy website:

Embassy in Finland

Finland, embassy in Moscow
119034 Moscow G-34, Kropotkinsky lane, 15-17

Tel. (495) 787-41-74 (on weekdays from 9.00 to 17.00)

Fax: (495) 247-33-80

Visa Department (495) 787-41-78 from 10 to 12.

Finland, Embassy website: http://

Finland, Russian Embassy in the country:
Tehtaankatu 1B

Tel: 358-9661876.

Communication in Finland

Pay phones are located everywhere: on the streets, in hotels, in shops, in the subway. You can call them with coins, or with a card that is sold at newsstands or at the post office.

To call to Russia, you need to dial 999 – 7 – area code – subscriber number.

To call Finland from Russia, dial 8 – 10 – 358 – area code – number.

Emergency Phones in Finland

Free services:

general emergency number throughout the country (ambulance, fire department, police, etc.) – 112,

police – 10022.

Paid services:

information – 118,

time check – 10061,

automatic alarm clock – 100151,

telegrams – 020211,

exchange rates – 10031,

airport reference phone – 96008100.

January 1 – New Year

May 1 – Spring Festival “Vapunpäivä”

May 17 – Day of Remembrance of the Dead

June 21 – Midsummer Day

December 6 – Independence Day

December 25-26 – Christmas

Since Finland attracts with its nature, it is worth warning outdoor enthusiasts. The fact is that in this country there is a strict system of environmental management. Permits are required for fishing and hunting. There are special places for hiking and camping. Disturbing the peace of local residents and owners of private property is strictly prohibited.

According to ehuzhou, shops in Finland are open on weekdays from 9:00 to 18:00, large shops – until 20:00, and on weekends – from 9:00 to 14:00.

The largest shopping center is Itakeskus.

Prices in Finland are much higher than in other European countries. Therefore, it is better to visit sales and shops on the outskirts of cities. The sign “ALE” will tell you that there is a sale in the store, the sign “UFF” will tell you that it is second hand. The biggest sales in Finland are during the month after December 27th and June 22nd.

Taxfree stores are ideal for tourists. They issue a special check that can be presented along with the purchase and passport when leaving the country. In this case, the amount of tax paid will be refunded.

Tipping Tips
are not accepted here, as they are included in the amount indicated on the check. But, if you really liked the service, then you can leave up to 1 Euro.

The main national feature of the Finns is silence, slowness and extraordinary punctuality. They don’t like loud people here. Visiting without a special reason is not welcome.

220V, 50Hz;

An accident health insurance is required to enter the country. Before the trip, it can be obtained from any travel insurance agency. Upon presentation of the policy, medical assistance is provided abroad free of charge in the amount of up to $ 30,000. Dental care and treatment of chronic diseases are not included in the insurance. All bills are payable locally in cash. According to the receipt received for the treatment, upon arrival in Russia, the expenses are compensated by the insurance company. All hospitals have doctors on duty around the clock. In an emergency, the patient is referred to a medical center or hospital emergency room.

A visit to a doctor in a polyclinic costs about 15 euros, and a day’s stay in the hospital is about 20 euros.

Information about medical care can be obtained around the clock by calling 10 023. You can call a doctor at home by the same number.

In Finland, drugs are sold in pharmacies (APTEEKKI). They are usually open from 9 am to 6 pm, on Saturday from 9 am to 2 pm. Some pharmacies are open until late in the evening. On Sundays, it is quite difficult to find a working pharmacy – it is better to ask the hotel staff where the nearest pharmacy is located. You can also get a little medical advice from pharmacists.

Finland Visa