Fishing with Uli Beyer: Winter Weapon “Slottie-s”!

Lures are now real modern “with slot”. Pretty much any GUFI crate with a reasonably wide range are this bait innovation, the Dreamtackle brought 10 years ago to market maturity.

It all started with a “harder plastic”. The demand prevailed in “my” waters after powerful lures. Early on, we realized that this bait generation ushered in a new era on the rubber market, but with the first “Americans”, we still cover not the whole demand for the market.

Many customer inquiries and your own experience showed that soft bait had also their raison d ‘être. “Pressure” and wild waves were not always “in” and so I started 4 years ago with the development of the particularly soft “Slottie S”. In 2004 the now famous Slottie introduced S-family. It was quickly clear that this top bait in many situations were real “weapons”. It was as one of the top bait at our big Shadangeln that we carried out in October 2003 for Our site. Do you remember yet?

The glittergrünen and white Shads school in as top walleye bait in various waters-not only on the Rhine.Our Dutch and Belgian fishing colleagues colleague reported repeatedly Super catches on Slottie S. “van de Kerkhove” from Belgium the bird bulky super fish shot down, he began slowly dragged from a boat. We have put some of his fishing pictures already online.

Just in the last few weeks, the smaller Slottie enjoy S as the absolute top picks for outdoor vertical fishing. By due to “hard and paddle tail”. Has been proven very successful Vertikalcracks dragged sizes 7 and 9 just pound out the store and Germany only on demand: “Vertical?”

For cracks in different situations, the “soft Deceiver” were impossible to imagine. The Pike in the deep waters of Lake Möhnesee E.g. biting me in the fall of 2005, by far the best on Slottie S (whitefish 20 cm). Here, they were traded as “Secret” and started quite a few great Pike – not only on the trolling rod with heavy lead head, but also thrown in 15 cm with lighter heads.

Sweden’s Northern Pike were good to seduce S with Slottie in the autumn in 2004 and Lothar Kaiser began the biggest fish of the team with a whopping 1.17 meters. Several more “Metrige” fell in with other anglers on our Slotties. As far as the successes.

Where is plenty of light, is also shadow. This lure also criticized some anglers: “Much too soft…”, “Confidential source quality is white, that’s minor…”, “the last bad on the hook…” or as a special scoop: “In the lagoon that doesn’t work at all!” Granted, it’s not always a very easy bait. During the installation you should work carefully. Small Shads to 12 cm one simply draws on the lead head and throws her out. Larger baits but absolutely the same should be fixed with a Kupferdrahtam lead head. “Drachkovitch-style” a reared Slottie S attaches simply wire in the head area with several windings on the lead head eye. The bait is perfectly fixed and holds also for powerful throws and after some bite.Yes, you might say: “Because I’m a harder plastic but rather immediately!” Far from it, often do not “punchy” bait fish and literally fly on the super soft material. I made even longer period of time to a miscarriage of Justice me: “In the lagoon which do not work well!” From today’s perspective, I have to laugh very loudly about it, because in December was me performed by my own customers very impressively, the soft Slotties work as well.

I had packed them out before extra, because I wanted to limit myself to “Essential” in the boat. The “East Frisians gang” (Frank Fittje, Arno de fries and colleagues) had Slotties and started with me a Pike in the boat after another. I watched without this Slotties in the tube. Because even when the guys were scarce stocks (you must also not necessarily provide an appliance dealer with bait…), I was neatly beaten at my own game. In the interview with Mathias Fuhrmann turned out, that this was a coincidence: “last winter, which also were already not stupid! Can bring the popular colors once each 30 me…” I’m sure that I had this Weichwabbels it then again on the last tour. And even guess how we started it? You need to read only our reports – and the things school repeatedly to a “Bank” I could arrest my largest 2005 Pike on Slottie S. Still in doubt? Then your doubters need to know that these success lures is now copied by very large wholesalers. Why probably? As an exception, the original is priced very competitive… We like to hear from you about your experiences with this top bait!