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Summer, sun and dream beaches are the key words when talking about a Florida trip. It is not for nothing that this huge, 700 km long promontory between the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico is called the Sunshine State. The Florida Keys, the amusement parks in Orlando and the swamps of the Everglades should not be missed on a Florida tour. But Florida has a lot more to offer: cities like Miami are full of temperament, joie de vivre and urban chic, a lively art and culture scene can be found in Sarasota and a piece of American history presents St. Augustine.

Florida is made up of the Panhandle mainlandas well as the peninsula and is located in the southeastern United States. The Gulf of Mexico is located on the south and west coasts, here you can spend your Florida vacation on beautiful sandy beaches with crystal clear water. The Atlantic Ocean is located on the east coast of the state – here, too, there are picturesque beaches, but also fantastic cities such as Fort Lauderdale and Miami.

A Florida vacation means diversity! On a tour of Florida, explore tropical island paradises like Sanibel Island and have fun in amusement and amusement parks like Walt Disney World, SeaWorld and Universal Studios in Orlando. A visit to the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral is also an exciting experience – find out more about the American space program and the spaceport, from which rockets launch several times a year.

Some of the most popular beaches in the USA can be found in St. Petersburg / Clearwater. Clearwater Beach, with its brilliant white sand and azure water, was named the most beautiful beach in the United States in 2018. Relax here while swimming and sunbathing during your Florida trip.

In Panhandle, in northwestern Florida, discover breathtaking sandy beaches, stroll through charming small towns and explore historic sites. For example, visit Pensacola – the port city is a great mix of cultural and beach holidays. You can both visit the historic Fort Pickens on Santa Rosa Island and relax on the long beaches of the Gulf Islands National Seashore. Fort Walton Beach on the Emerald Coast is also a highlight. The place impresses with magnificent beaches and the emerald-green water known for this stretch of coast.

The beautiful Florida Keys protrude up to 200 kilometers into the Caribbean. The island chain south of Miami is connected by 42 bridges and the most famous island is Key West. The Keys are best known for their relaxed atmosphere and the colorful underwater world, which is an Eldorado for divers and snorkelers. A Florida vacation on the Keys has other exciting activities to offer. These include deep sea fishing and kayaking as well as sunset cruises and swimming with dolphins.

The perfect destination for your Florida vacation is Amelia Island – a real insider tip on the northeast coast of the state. Let yourself be enchanted by the pristine sandy beaches of the island on extensive walks and horse riding excursions and explore the picturesque landscape. Amelia Island also has a lot to offer from a culinary point of view – there are over 90 restaurants on this island with southern flair to choose from for a delicious meal.

Florida is a fantastic year-round travel destination with more than 360 days of sunshine a year. The Sunshine State can be divided into two climatic zones: the northwest and central Florida are subtropically humid, the southern parts of the country tropical.

The best time to travel to the north is in July and August. The winter months are relatively cool there, the thermometer sometimes drops to 5 ° C. The south and Miami, on the other hand, offer warm and dry weather in the winter months, so the main travel season is between December and February. In the period from June to October, not only the temperatures rise, but also the precipitation.

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Enjoy beautiful ruby ​​sunsets at Naples Pier. You can often admire dolphins here.


The riverwalk is ideal for walking and cycling on the river bank. Enjoy great views of the city skyline.


Explore the lush mangroves near Fort Myers by kayak or on foot. Experience the thriving ecosystem up close.


Bolero sounds from dance halls, domino games in parks and culinary flavors from Cuba – the influences of the Latinos can be felt in Miami.


Look forward to the film world of Universal Studios, magical experiences at Walt Disney World and many other amusement parks.


At the end of the string of pearls, Key West is waiting for you. The fantastic place offers countless activities and an attractive nightlife.


The family bathing resort with its finest powdered sugar beaches and crystal clear water creates a relaxed atmosphere.


Discover the majestic alligators and unique landscapes on a ride on a propeller boat.

Florida Zip Codes