Galaxy Tab with S Pen Hits the Market Combining Design

Annotate, draw, and even create an animated GIF. There are many functions provided by S Pen of the Galaxy Tab to 2016, new tablet that Samsung brings to the Brazilian market. Combining different functionalities in one device, the tablet presents itself as the ideal choice for the whole family.

And how does this happen? Through innovative’s Pen, the Galaxy Tab the 2016 is optimized for use in different situations, whether at work or at home. For activities in the Office, the Notes feature can make life easier for any user. Automatically, the application gathers in one place all notes taken with the pen during a meeting, without complication.

To make the experience more immersive, yet one of the features of the command is Suspended the ‘ Translate ‘ that allows the person to discover quickly the meaning or pronunciation of any word. Simply select the translation mode, choose the word and ready, the explanation happens in real time.

For those who like to share all kinds of content with friends, the Pen allows you to create your own animated GIF from videos. Just choose the option Smart Selection and make a selection of up to 15 seconds to process it automatically.

The Galaxy Tab the 2016 goes beyond. With the ArtCanvas application available for the appliance, you can create any kind of artistic expression, provided a simpler design to professional works. By offering full autonomy to the user, the resort offers a wide range of tools for painting, with different shapes, sizes, textures and colors allowing the sky is the limit for creativity. With this, the user turns into a true artist.

Tablet for different profiles

Perfect for the whole family, the appliance offers the registration of up to eight different profiles, allowing each have your own custom account, with preferred applications, songs, pictures, videos and games. And children cannot sit out the Galaxy Tab to 2016. The new Child Mode 4.0 improves even more a resource so sought: small safety. The tablet ensure in this way a totally controlled environment, eliminating any chance of inappropriate content. The function Control can manage the exposure time and which applications can be opened. And the fun doesn’t end, the device brings a plethora of free applications, with space for design and interactive characters to enhance any child’s day.

If the proposal is to capture the special moments in family, the Galaxy Tab the 2016 offers high quality camera. The rear has 8 MP and an aperture of f/1.9, which helps in clicks in environments with less light. To those looking for the perfect photo, Professional mode lets you control different functionalities, such as aperture and ISO image. With the Panorama functionality and Still Photos, the experience becomes even more dynamic and fun.

Minimalist design and connectivity

Built with a modern design, the Galaxy Tab the 2016 guarantees a sophisticated touch to your users. Light and with an ergonomic grip, the appliance can be used anywhere. Its 10.1 “screen in WUXGA resolution 1920 IE X 1200, can bring almost twice as many pixels as compared with other common screens. With that, the device delivers an unparalleled viewing experience of 224 ppi. For most environments, the Anti Brightness function adjusts automatically according to the incidence of light. This ensures better quality on screen, even on days with lots of sunshine.

Already for darker environments, the Blue Light filter feature help at bedtime. Typically the screens emit blue light, which can interfere with the sleep period, and the Galaxy Tab the 2016 can be done with it. With this mode enabled, the level of harmful lighting is reduced, ensuring a better rest. You can also schedule for specific times, according to the preference of the user.

The Galaxy Tab the 2016 assists also in home connectivity. Without the need of any kind of yarn you can share content with any tv that offers Bluetooth pairing. Through the Quick Connectfeature, the tablet gets the tv programming, allowing greater freedom in any room. The SideSync, for your time, and allows you to receive calls and messages, as well as all notifications and alerts the smartphone, even when it is loading in another room.

With a 7,300 mAh battery, the Galaxy Tab the 2016 can withstand high activity periods, providing the user with greater autonomy away from the outlets. Available in version 4 g, the device brings a processor Exynos 7870, 3 GB RAM and other 16 GB internal storage.

“The arrival of the Galaxy Tab the 2016 reinforces the market bet from Samsung in the tablets, combined with a tool already consolidated and developed by the company’s Pen. In addition to the pen complements the functionality and help in the performance of daily activities, providing even more freedom of use to consumers, “says Renato Citrini, Senior Manager of mobile devices from Samsung Brazil.

Available in black and white, the suggested retail price for the Galaxy Tab the 2016 is R $2,099.00.

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