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Georgia was founded in 1732 as the last of the thirteen colonies that later merged into the United States. The state was named after King George II of Great Britain, a German from Hanover. From 1760 English settlers came to the country and established a colony from Savannah. Georgia is divided into a total of 159 counties, the largest city and the capital of the state is Atlanta in Fulton and DeKalb County and has around five million inhabitants with its suburbs; that is around half of the total population of the state. The “Peach State”, named after its most famous fruit, the peach, has many sights and attractions to offer, such as the more than 1,600 square kilometer Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge on the Georgia and Florida border. There is also largely untouched nature with pine forests and unspoilt marshland on the beach islands of the Golden Isles off the southern coast of Georgia near Florida.

Georgia is also home to many historic sites, such as the Little White House in Warm Springs, where Franklin D. Roosevelt died in 1945. Many visitors still honor the President here. The civil war in the 19th century also played an important role in the history of the then confederate state. You can learn more about the civil war at the Confederate Memorial on Stone Mountain or at Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park near the capital, Atlanta. The Battle of Atlanta was fought on July 22, 1864, in which the Union Army finally prevailed. Atlanta was occupied and set on fire in the course of it, a bitter defeat for the Confederates. After the Civil War, Georgia returned to the Union in 1870.Southern United States quickly returned. It was only in the 1960s that the civil rights movement led by Dr. Martin Luther King to unravel the race. His birthplace in Atlanta is open to visitors.

Georgia’s diversity Relax

On a trip to Georgia on the beaches of St. Simons Island, take a boat ride through the Okefenokee swamp and marvel at the Atlanta skyline. Georgia is located in the southeastern United States and was one of the thirteen founding colonies that declared independence in 1776. The landscape in the so-called Peach State is characterized by a humid, subtropical climate and is characterized by cotton plantations, coastal marshes and the Appalachian Mountains in the north. Almost ten million people live in Georgia.


The five million city of Atlanta is the economic metropolis of the southern United States and the seat of government of the state of Georgia. The modern city is characterized by an impressive skyline and is home to some of the largest companies in the world, including CNN and Coca-Cola. There is also an interesting and interactive museum of the soda producer in the city.

However, Atlanta also has historical sights. A trip to the State Capitol or a visit to the house where civil rights activist Martin Luther King grew up are worthwhile. Also worth seeing is the Atlanta Aquarium, which – as the largest aquarium in the world – is home to 120,000 marine animals. Outside of the metropolis, nature is particularly interesting when visiting Georgia. The Okefenokee swamp is extremely impressive, where more than 15,000 alligators live wild. We also recommend a visit to Jekyll Island and the Seaturtle Center, where injured sea turtles are cared for. Georgia also has long stretches of beach. One of the most popular is St. Simons Island, where visitors can expect miles of white, fine-sand beaches.

Travel tips and best travel times

Georgia’s largest airport is Hartsfield – Jackson Atlanta International Airport, which is the largest in the world in terms of passenger volume and which has several direct connections to German cities.

Georgia is in the Eastern Time Zone; the time difference to Central Europe is six hours. The climate in the southeastern state is subtropical. The months of July and August can therefore be very hot and humid, so the best time to travel to Georgia is spring and autumn with optimal temperatures around 25 ° C.

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Try out more than 40 types of peach! In the harvest season from May to August, plenty is picked and enjoyed here.


There is a lot to discover here, from the vault in which the secret recipe is kept to various filling stations.


Visit the Okefenokee National Game Reserve. Many wild animals are located here between wobbling layers of peat and watercourses.


Discover the island protected as a National Seashore and spot over 170 wild horses on the Atlantic coast.


Diverse attractions and hip neighborhoods meet a moving past

A trip to Atlanta, the “capital of the south”, has numerous highlights: Discover the city’s most popular attractions, fantastic attractions in the Centennial Olympic Park and Atlanta’s green side, which you can experience when visiting Piedmont Park. Many concert and theater stages as well as grandiose festivals enrich the cultural offer of the city and provide great entertainment. The modern metropolis has also become famous as a location for world-famous films and series – take an exciting film tour for a look behind the scenes. One of the most famous residents of Atlanta was Pastor Martin Luther King, who moved a whole generation with his struggle for civil rights. Immerse yourself in history and learn more about the city’s important role in the civil rights movement.


Downtown Atlanta
Explore the highlights in the heart of Atlanta. There is the Centennial Olympic Park with some of the city’s most beautiful sights. The park was created for the Summer Olympics in 1996 and offers countless attractions for the whole family: take part in outdoor concerts and festivals or visit the Fountain of Rings. This fountain, which consists of the five Olympic rings, is also a great playground for children. Several times a day there is also a wonderful water show with music and lighting effects. There is a small entertainment district next to the park, which is also home to the World of Coca-Cola. The interactive museum focuses on the history and success of the iconic drink that was invented in Atlanta and is now exported to more than 200 countries. Opposite is the Georgia Aquarium, which houses 500 species from all over the world and brings visitors closer to the exciting habitats of the animals. The Children’s Museum of Atlanta and the College Football Hall of Fame are also worth seeing.

The history of civil rights up close
You have come to the right place in Atlanta to take a trip into the moving history of the Civil Rights Movement. It is the birthplace of Martin Luther King, who grew up in this city, preached in the Ebenezer Baptist Church and was buried in the King Center. His views pioneered the civil rights movement in the United States in the 1950s and 1960s. Visit the pastor’s birthplace, church, and tomb at Martin Luther King Jr.National Historical Park to get an insight into the lives of those who have done so much. Of course, you can learn even more about civil and human rights in the cradle of the American civil rights movement: visit the Center for Civil and Human Rights, located on Pemberton Place. Here you can learn a lot about the American civil rights movement and its importance for human rights worldwide. Former US President Jimmy Carter, who received the Nobel Peace Prize in 2002, also campaigned for democracy and rights. The Jimmy Carter Presidential Library and Museum presents his work and work.

Hip neighborhoods
Atlanta is a modern metropolis and is particularly characterized by trendy neighborhoods and meeting points that attract both locals and visitors. The city consists of around 45 unique neighborhoods that impress with their individual flair. Explore some of them along the BeltLine. This is a belt of around 35 kilometers that runs along an old railway line around the center of Atlanta and connects the neighborhoods with parks and green spaces. It is expected to be completed by 2030, but already has numerous footpaths, hiking trails and bike paths that invite you to enjoy varied leisure activities. Along the way you can discover nice little shops, street art and other sights. Among the locals is the four kilometer long Eastside BeltLine Trail, which starts at Piedmont Park and leads to Irwin Street. The highlights of this route are the Ponce City Market and the Krog Street Market, which offer charming shopping opportunities in a historic setting and delicious southern specialties. The Little Five Points district near the Eastside BeltLine Trail captivates with a hippie atmosphere, chic vintage shops and residents of all stripes.

Film and TV in Atlanta
Of course, a trip to Atlanta also includes a tour of discovery through the city’s film and television industry. Scenes for the series “The Walking Dead” and for films like “The Blind Side” and “Tribute von Panem” have already been shot here. If you want to follow the traces of your favorite series and films, you can do so on the Atlanta Movie Tour. The guides are experienced actors who give you inside knowledge of the film productions and tell fascinating stories that took place behind the scenes. In the past few years, Atlanta’s role in the American film world has become increasingly important, which is why there are now several festivals and trade fairs that are all about this topic.

Anyone interested in the creation of news is in the right place in Atlanta. The city is home to the CNN Center, from which you get a wonderful insight into the production of news and the history of the Cable News Network – CNN for short – during a tour. You will also learn how the information reaches audiences around the world and how a news organization works in detail.

Flourishing art scene
Experience the artistic atmosphere of the so-called “Heart of the Arts”, Midtown’s art district, which is located near the center and has the highest concentration of art institutions and organizations in the southeastern United States. The Fox Theater, the High Museum of Art and the Center for Puppetry Art as well as the Opera Atlanta and the Woodruff Arts Center are at home here. The latter, together with the associated High Museum of Art, the Alliance Theater and the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, attracts more than a million visitors to Midtown every year. Explore the neighborhood on foot, walk or cycle through the beautiful Piedmont Park or the adjacent botanical garden and visit some of the numerous art galleries. Peachtree Street, which runs north to south through the neighborhood, takes you past world-class restaurants and neighborhood attractions, including Margaret Mitchell House. Here the Pulitzer Prize winner wrote her famous novel “Gone with the Wind”.

Atlanta’s art scene not only includes the museums and galleries, but also colorful street art, bizarre installations and impressive performance artists that can be seen everywhere in the city.

Festivals in Atlanta
Round off your vacation in Atlanta with a festival visit and experience the urban flair of the city. More than 30 music festivals have great sounds and exuberant mood to offer. These include the Atlanta Jazz Festival, Music Midtown and the Shaky Knees Music Festival. In addition to musical highlights, culinary, cultural and historical events are also on the program. Visit the Atlanta Street Food and Music Festival, where the stars of numerous food trucks put their skills to the test and live music provides entertainment. Every year in August, the Decatur BBQ, Blues & Bluegrass Festival combines tasty grilled creations with lively music from various genres. There is also a lot to offer culturally, such as the Japan Festival and the Atlanta Greek Festival as well as the Martin Luther King Jr.

Georgia’s capital also has a lot to offer for shopping enthusiasts: go shopping extensively in the chic Buckhead district. Also known as the “Beverly Hills of the East”, there are numerous art galleries, fashionable shops and boutiques with the latest pieces by well-known designers, as well as award-winning restaurants that have fine dishes on the menu. Enjoy this great combination of shopping and pure enjoyment. In addition to small shops, Buckhead also has large malls with stores selling brands such as Jil Sander, Gucci and Louis Vuitton. For example in the two malls Lenox Square and Phipps Plaza.

Outdoor fun near the city
In the vicinity of Atlanta, true natural paradises invite you to wonderful excursions. Visit Stone Mountain Park, which is approximately 30 kilometers from Atlanta. Here you can enjoy nature while hiking, cycling, kayaking and stand up paddling. In addition, many worthwhile events take place here every year, such as the Yellow Daisy Festival and the Native American Festival.

Driving 40 miles west of Atlanta will take you to Sweetwater Creek. Relax from the hustle and bustle of the city in this wilderness: there are a few narrow hiking trails in the State Park that take you through the picturesque landscape. The large George H Sparks Reservoir can be wonderfully explored by canoe or kayak. Part of the park is also the impressive ruin of the New Manchester Mill, which was destroyed in the civil war – the perfect photo opportunity for every photographer!


Port city with the flair of the southern states

The beautiful port city of Savannah ensures a very special holiday with a diverse mix of art and architecture as well as ghost stories and a far-reaching past! In recent years, Savannah has developed into a metropolis for gourmets, so that today you can try unusual dishes in first-class restaurants that are characterized by their proximity to the coast.

Nice restaurants, bars and cafés on River Street invite you to linger while street performers entertain visitors. A vacation in this charming city gives you an insight into its rich history, which is omnipresent in the historic district with its picturesque buildings and squares. In the evening it gets scary: So-called ghost tours take you to places that have an eerie story to tell.


Historic old town and museum homes
During your time in Savannah, discover the city’s exciting history. A tour of the pedestrian-friendly historic district is particularly beautiful, where you will be delighted by the picturesque squares and the colonial and Victorian architecture. The area was designated the National Historic Landmark District in 1966 and is famous for its historic buildings called Museum Homes. Visit Davenport House, Andrew Low House, Owens-Thomas House and Mercer Williams House. To explore the district, you can also take a horse-drawn carriage that takes you comfortably to all sights. The trolley, a mixture of tram and bus, is a great alternative to a walk. Old Town Trolley offers a hop-on hop-off tour with 15 stops.

Forsyth Park
Savannah’s Historic District also has beautiful green spaces: Forsyth Park is the largest park in the old town and was created in the 1840s. It captivates with towering old oaks that are covered with Spanish moss, as well as with beautiful azalea bushes. A specialty of the park is the fragrance garden for the blind, in which there are fragrant flowers and plants with a special texture. This garden also enables blind people to experience the beauty of the park. The Forsyth Park is a popular meeting place for locals and visitors and invites to concerts, leisure activities and relaxation. On Saturdays there is a farmers market that offers regional products. Also visit the park’s landmark: the famous Forsyth Park Fountain. This fountain was built in 1858 and is now the most photographed location in the city. On St. Patrick’s Day, the water in the fountain is colored green – a terrific spectacle!

Culinary savannah
The fascinating port city is an Eldorado for gourmets: in the Historic District alone you will find more than 100 restaurants that invite you to tasty dishes – there is something for every taste. The proximity to the coast also shapes the city’s cuisine, so you can soak up the scent of delicious fish dishes and seafood on every corner. In addition to classic southern cuisine, innovative concepts also attract guests to modern cafes and restaurants. For a great dining experience, head to the appropriate restaurant, such as The Gray, Mrs. Wilkes ‘Dining Room and The Pirates’ House, as well as The Olde Pink House and The Collins Quarter. Every year in autumn, the Savannah Food & Wine Festival invites you to delicious dishes and refreshing wines.

Prohibition in Savannah
The American Prohibition Museum in Savannah takes you on a journey into the early years of the 20th century, more precisely: into the time of prohibition. It is the first and only museum of its kind in the USA and deals extensively with the alcohol ban in the United States. Follow the events of the time from the first anti-alcohol rallies to the implementation of the law in the form of the 18th additional article of the American constitution through politics to the effects and far-reaching consequences of the 13-year alcohol ban in the USA. The interactive museum vividly depicts the gripping story with diagrams, reenacted scenes, short films and disguised employees who appear as contemporary witnesses. The highlight of the museum is a detour into a true-to-original speakeasy from this period. In such “whispering pubs” beer and high-proof alcohol were secretly served during the prohibition. Here you can try one or the other drink that was prohibited at the time.

River Street
Of course, fun and entertainment are part of the modern variety of Savannah, so a visit to River Street is a must during your vacation! On the waterfront on the Savannah River, old buildings are lined up that used to be used as storage for cotton. Today you will find antique shops, small boutiques, art galleries, lively bars and fabulous restaurants on this street. Shop for souvenirs, try delicious seafood, listen to lively live music and enjoy the sunset with a refreshing cocktail – here you can comfortably end an eventful day on vacation.

On the trail of the ghosts
Creepy fans will be happy, because Savannah has a completely different side to offer: Take a ghost tour through the beautiful streets of the city and feel the thrill in “America’s Most Haunted City”, the most haunted city in the world USA! Different tours are offered to track down the ghosts: on the Hearse Ghost Tour you explore the strangest places of Savannah with a funeral car and learn bizarre stories from earlier times, on the Ghosts & Gravestones Tour a trolley takes you to them the most spooky places in the city, and the Genteel & Bard walking tour will also take you on the trail of Savannah’s dark past. Keep your eyes open, maybe you will see a ghost too!

On an evening trip to Bonaventure Cemetery, one of the most beautiful cemeteries in the world, you will learn a lot about the people who were buried here. Particularly worth seeing are the graves of the little Gracie Watson and the popular singer and songwriter Johnny Mercer, who wrote the song “Moon River”.

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