Get Ready to Start Receiving Invitations from Messages of Spam as The Allo

With the arrival of Allo, we noticed a mysterious event: could talk with a select friends list without having the application installed. The system did not work very well, but in some cases your friends receiving messages in a window from which you can answer and install Allo.

Now we know a little more about the technology behind. His name is App Preview Messaging and is a new invention that Google has taken the sleeve conveniently in time for your new messaging application. Its use is now also open to other applications Messaging, so you can already get the idea that you could start receiving this type of ads more often than you would like to.

Is my operating system and I do what I want

App Preview Messaging is based on phone numbers and receive support through Google Play Services. It basically allows you to send messages to any of the contacts in your agenda, regardless of the messaging application using. It is not the same that use the application of truth, since the messages are sent in plain text no frills, but at least supports advanced features such as TBR or notice “is writing”.

Many applications of messaging in the past would have killed to have an option like this, but I was away getting the message since the system did not permit it. Now Google when it comes to launching your new application seems he has found the motivation to promote this system which, at least, is now open to other developers also leverage it.

You can disable it, if you find the option

If you do not too much illusion arriving message notifications from applications that you are not even using, you can always press Ignore in the pop-up window, or disable the feature completely.

In the documentation Google argues that “users have total control over this function and can disable it in the options of Google Services”, but access to a tremendously hidden function far from having full control.

I have personally lost as 20 minutes reviewing all the options of Google and Google settings app and I have not been able to find this option, but it might be because you do not have it enabled on my device. Google warns that this is of a first test in collaboration with a limited number of partners.