Goodbye, Memes: New Algorithm Favors Pages of “High Quality” in the News Feed Facebook

In another move to prioritize content that is relevant and reduce the din, the Facebook turned his sights to mood and general memes pages. Or rather took the spotlight with a new algorithm that helps to “organize” the News Feed.

To develop it, the FB asked a group of people to answer some questions regarding the contents they saw in the social network. For example, “you trust the source of this information?” “You to share or recommend to others?”, “You really interested in the topic or he is trying to circumvent the News Feed to ask likes?” And “You consider this low quality post or meme?”.

For the last sentence, you can understand the humor pages will have a little more work going forward.

Based on the answers search, social networking has created an algorithm that evaluates a thousand factors to determine whether a content is “high quality” or not, as the frequency which is hidden from the feed, if the profile page is complete and if people who likes the page likes other also considered high quality.

The result, the group tested this novelty, was satisfactory: decreased occultations of posts and increased engagement.

The conclusion is that anyone who has ever considered producing high quality content by FB criteria should see changes only for the better in your pages. Those that bet on mood brought from the internet ends can start having problems in engagement – words of the Facebook to TechCrunch: “pages that produce some content of memes and low quality can expect a small decrease. The exclusively post this type of content can see a larger fall. ”

The new algorithm will be available for all users in the coming weeks.