Google Allo Interprets and Responds to Messages of Voice

Now that Duo we have among us, we only need let us with the other messaging application that Google promised us in the last Google I/O: Google Allo. This application not yet available, Although we have already heard several things about it: incognito mode and self-destructing messages, erase history, stickers, encryption…

The main point in which Allo will try to differentiate themselves from other messaging or WhatsApp Messenger application is included the wizard: a “bot” know-it-all from Google that is involved in the conversation to answer almost any question you throw him. Until now we knew that you could talk to the wizard through private message or by mentioning it in a conversation, but now we know something more: can also send you a voice clip.

The operation is as follows. In a private chat with the wizard window, you attach a voice message asking anything and Wizard It repeats you in text what you said, proceeding then to answer. For example, you send him a message saying that you wake up in 20 minutes and the wizard will perform what you said and will act accordingly.

It is a pretty funny function, but it also makes us wonder whether it is not basically the same as using the voice keyboard so you convert your request of voice to text before it is sent and not after. In any case, the order of factors does not alter the product, and the important thing is to know that Google Allo is ready to process what they take and respond effectively to your request either in text or voice.