Google Buys The Skybox Imaging Satellite Manufacturer

Google don’t want to rely on third parties to show satellite images in their services of Google Earth and Maps, and for this reason today announces that it will have disbursed $ 500 million for the purchase of Skybox Imaging.

Skybox Imaging It is a company that has with the smaller satellites of the world troops deployed in the area to photograph and record videos of 90 seconds the Earth in high definition, allowing Google to improve its navigation and maps services rather.

In the Google release report that in addition to improving with more definition from Google Maps satellite imagery also will use the team and Skybox Imaging Technology for improve the Internet connection access in areas where it is difficult to get the connection, either by the geography of the land, or because it has been a natural disaster.

The acquisition has not yet closed, it should approve the U.S. regulatory authorities, which until the purchase is complete Skybox Imaging It will continue to operate independently.