Google Gets The Patent of The Unlock Pattern, But It Is Showing Something More

Sadly the patent war is still standing, Despite the fact that the own Google has opted to help the other manufacturers that use Android to help them with claims of patents that are affected. Don’t know if help them or by adding fuel to the fire they have decided to do it, but the purchase of Motorola Mobility for patents already gave indications that Google thought to get to the bottom in the scared.

Up to how much have they gotten? No more or less have registered a software patent, and not a little major. Google has just received the approval of one of the patents that may be as little controversy. It is of the unlock pattern, function used in Android that now Google has the rights of exploitation and use about it, can do virtually anything with those who use it without your consent.

Does this make Google better or worse company? It is too early to say anything, and more when Apple started a war of patent and Android that has made is the most enduring stoically at the expense of manufacturers. We hope that Google patents fashion do not leave them hands use them wisely and do not market to go from bad to worse as they are making Apple and Microsoft suing all Android manufacturers.

But not everything in the patent is to unlock the phone, but as you can see that you added a new feature, the give a unlock pattern to run any application in particular, can give a layer of customization and security to be able to launch applications fast. Most likely is that it incorporated in the future versions of Android, but as always, going to play wait