Google Messenger Would Be Compatible with Standard Messaging RCS Soon

Yesterday saw the facelift of Google Messenger, the implementation of Google to send and receive SMS. Under the hood, the new icons and change the interface hiding a surprise: he would be preparing compatibility with RCS (an acronym for Rich Communication System) messaging standard.

The RCS standard is nothing new, and has been years in process in a kind of tale of Peter and the Wolf: the “WhatsApp” of operators will come… The last thing we knew in this regard is RCS universal profile created by Google and the mobile operators for hipervitaminar SMS. A piece of the puzzle was still missing us, where could they read and send these messages? We now know that the answer is probably in Google Messenger.


As it is usual, the slopes are sailing within the compressed XML files within the APK Google Messenger 2.0. Here you are hundreds of mentions to the standard RCS, so it seems pretty obvious that Google Messenger will be compatible with the standard RCS sooner that later.

Google Messenger these added functions called “Enhanced features” or enhanced features, and to remember that the standard SMS already has some few years and is becoming outdated. RCS becomes to upgrade messaging managed by operators and not from third parties (such as WhatsApp), giving you extra features such as group chat, images in high resolution, video, documents, location, emojis, calls and video calls VOIP.

Now that operators have reached agreement in the unique profile and that we also have the Messenger (Google Messenger) client ready for the occasion, is only a matter of time that RCS becomes our lives to replace the SMS. It will be too late, now that WhatsApp and similar have eaten you the ground to SMS?

Don’t need another application

Since we knew that Google would be working on a standard messaging RCS-compatible application, we were concerned that Google launched yet another application of messaging more so. At the time we still didn’t know Allo or Duo, but later when it was announced we realized that none of them would serve for this.

The most logical thing was to add support for SMS to Google Messenger, but when you create applications for communication, messaging, and social networks, Google does not always follow the logic, so we can only be glad that it is finally Google Messenger who take the baton and lead us to the future of SMS messages.