Grooveshark Has Broken According to EMI

Survival of Grooveshark is increasingly threatened. EMI, one of the few labels that still had a contract with the service, just to break the agreement. Thus, the site of streaming music loses the support of one of the four major record labels in the world; Sony, Universal and Warner are suing Grooveshark for breach of copyright.

EMI, responsible for songs from bands like Coldplay and The Beatles, had a trade agreement where artists and entrepreneurs receive royalties of copyright songs. To date, Grooveshark claims to have paid $ 2.6 million to EMI, but still complains because “the charges for streaming are unsustainable.” The label, in turn, says he has received much of the money that belongs to him. The only solution was to cancel the contract.

The legality of Grooveshark is very questionable. Despite being on the air since 2007 and earn money by offering paid plans to listen to music without interruption, anyone can send files to the servers and complaints from Universal Music suggests that own staff Grooveshark sent more than 100,000 pirated music. The CEO Samuel Tarantino would have collaborated with 1.7000 them.

Grooveshark has been taken down in Germany. The way things are, it is impossible not history repeat itself in other countries or even worldwide. If this happens, the only way to listen to music legally at a low cost will be signing a service like Spotify or Rdio – the latter is available in Brazil and is good, so tested.