Half of Smartphones Purchased in The United States The Last Three Months Are Android

Nielsen Launches on a monthly basis, normally, your report is how the United States market. The last three months of the year, with the Christmas campaign and promos of yore, it is an interesting period of study longer than ever There is an increase in the consumption. In addition, it coincided with a curious showdown in the cumbe RAZR, Galaxy Nexus vs. iPhone 4S.

The Nielsen report does not tell us anything new, priori. Android continues to lead the market with a share of 46.3% followed by iOS with 30%. The most significant is the data from the last quarter: half of the users who have bought a smartphone has been Android.

Although this is good there to make a small clarification. If we look at the progress of Android in the past few months to see how its share percentage has dropped while the of Apple has grown by 20% in a matter of three months. It must be recognized that in Cupertino are doing also.

Aside from operating systems, it is interesting to see the growth of smartphones in the United States. In the last quarter of 2011 46% of consumers had a smart phone, 60% of handsets sold this Christmas corresponded to that category.

The trend, according to some experts, is that in 2012 sales continue to increase. Deloitte estimates that 500 million smartphones will be sold in 2012, a figure that, apparently seen last year, will not be difficult to overcome. We will see what is its degree of insight into the economics of development, key sector according to the audit.