Impressive building in the north of Luxembourg

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The Most Beautiful Sights in Luxembourg City

So what is Luxembourg actually? A country, a city or both? There is both the country and the city of Luxembourg.

Before there is any confusion: when we speak of Luxembourg , we mean the country. If we write Luxembourg City, we are talking about the capital.

Understood? Then let’s start with the coolest sights in Luxembourg City.

Bock casemates

23km of underground galleries

Located in the heart of Luxembourg City, these impressive caves date back to the 17th century.

At that time, Luxembourg was still under Spanish rule. The corridors – which were still part of the fortress at that time – were used for defensive purposes. They were so well developed that they were also called “Gibraltar of the North” .

Grand Ducal Palace

The Grand Ducal family lives here

This historic landmark is located in the old town district of Luxembourg City: The Grand Ducal Palace.

It is one of the most beautiful and impressive buildings in Luxembourg and is worth a look not only from the outside but also from the inside.

You can only visit the inside of the palace at certain times of the year. You can get more information about admission and tickets on the Luxembourg City Tourist Office website.

Adolphe Bridge

A unique construct

When construction began on the Adolphe Bridge in 1900, it was still the largest stone arch bridge in the world.

The 153 meter long bridge connects the station district with the upper town.

In 2017, a suspension bridge for pedestrians and cyclists was added under the bridge . You should definitely cross this once.

Other attractions in Luxembourg

Vianden Castle

Impressive building in the north of Luxembourg

Impressive building in the north of Luxembourg

This majestic castle towers over the town of Vianden – very close to the border with Germany .

According to Deluxe Surveillance, it was built in the Romanesque, early Gothic style and is now one of Luxembourg ‘s main attractions .

From Rhineland-Palatinate you only have to drive across the border and you are at Vianden Castle.

Mullerthal Trail

Various routes over 112 kilometers in length

The Mullerthal Trail really has something for everyone who enjoys hiking .

Whether short or long routes, forests or rocks – the paths are absolutely beautiful and varied.

In fact, the trail is so good that it was awarded the “ Leading Quality Trails – Best of Europe ” label. This is a certificate from the European Hiking Association for particularly attractive hiking trails.


Small town with a beautiful monastery

Not far from the Mullerthal Trail is the town of Echternach with an impressive Benedictine monastery.

The abbey is the pride of the city, which is right on the border with Germany . From Trier you drive only half an hour by car.

If you’re already there, it’s also worth making a detour to the idyllic Lake Echternach.