Honor 5C With Faster CPU Than Predecessor

Not much longer, then the Honor 5C could be presented. The smartphone of the Huawei daughter is the official successor of the Honor 4C, but so far, not too much information about the new device is known. A teaser on the net could now reveal something more about the release.

Honor 5C With Faster CPU Than Predecessor

Presentation Of The 5C On April 13?

If we believe the teaser, who is currently on the net, the world could expect the Honor 5C on April 13th. This is at least the report of the magazine GizChina. The picture shows a snail with a smartphone and a date. Something has to mean yes. More, however, the graphics do not reveal so much is certain. Even if the publication of the Honor 5C would be chronologically logical, the picture could also announce a completely different device. On the Internet there are still rumors to a completely different release date: the 28th of April. It remains to be seen which messages are now correct.

Honor 5C With Faster CPU Than Predecessor 1

Honor 5C With New Processor And LTE Cat. 6

According to rumors about the Honor 5C, the upcoming smartphone will get a faster processor than its predecessor has possessed. The Kirin 620 chip is the component of the hour for the starter model and would be faster than the older chip in the Honor 4C. An LTE connection is allegedly also with the part, which appears in view of today’s connections quite logical. With LTE Cat. 6 is the Honor 5C with up to 300 Mbit per second through the CPU can be.

Honor 5C With Faster CPU Than Predecessor 2

Does The Honor 5C Go To Germany?

It is to be expected that Huawei himself will be covered with the release of the new smartphone of his daughter company. The Honor 4C did not go through a big advertising drum. That is why no one has been able to tell exactly when the Honor 5C is to be officially presented and published. Whether we can expect the new entry-level smartphone in Germany at all, is also not yet known. Perhaps all these questions will be answered on April 13th.

Honor 5C With Faster CPU Than Predecessor 3