How to Get Around Thailand

How to Get Around Thailand

By plane

According to Pro Zip Codes, Russian airlines operate the following flights:

  • Sheremetyevo – Suvarnabhumi (Aeroflot), daily flight SU 0270, flight 0272 – 4 times a week. Flight duration 8 hours 40 minutes;
  • Vnukovo / Sheremetyevo / Domodedovo Airport – Bangkok (5-7 times a week), Yekaterinburg – Bangkok (once a week), Petersburg – Phuket (once a week). There are flights from other cities, for example, from Irkutsk, Khabarovsk, Vladivostok, Krasnoyarsk, Kazan.

Transport in Thailand

To travel between cities in Thailand, it is recommended to use trains. Four railway lines stretch from the central part of Bangkok, capable of delivering to many Thai settlements. You can purchase tickets for any of the three available classes, tickets for class 2 carriages with seated or recumbent seats are especially relevant.

In addition to trains, transport in Thailand is represented by a convenient option for long-distance travel – buses. Tickets for them are recommended to be purchased at the box office of local bus stations, their purchase from travel agents is often unreliable and expensive.

Public transport

Trips to Thai cities are not very streamlined, especially in smaller towns. For example, in Bangkok, a bus trip can be easily planned using the official website of the carrier. In addition, you can use the local metro (overground and underground options consist of 3 lines). Transfer from the airport to the center of Bangkok by air-conditioned bus costs 150 THB, by taxi – approximately 400 THB.

The main means of transportation in the resort areas are motorcycle taxis, songthaews (public buses), and taxis. For example, in Pattaya there are permanent songteo routes connecting remote areas with the center. The cost of such a trip is from 10 to 20 THB. Mototaxi is a fast and convenient transport, but it is more expensive (between districts – from 50 to 100 THB).

Car rental in Thailand

International and local car rentals are available in major cities, airports and high-visited resorts. You can rent a car in almost every hotel. Recommended rental offices are Hertz, Budget and Avis. In order to avoid renting a faulty or old car, it is better to contact them. The cost of a one-day SUV rental in Bangkok is 2120 THB, a standard car – 1240 THB, a mini car – 900 THB. Similar rates exist on the island of Phuket and the resort area of Pattaya. Among other things, you can rent a motorbike: the cost of renting simple models starts from 150 THB per day.

Thailand money

The monetary unit of Thailand is the baht, or THB. There are 100 satangs in one baht. It is not recommended to exchange currencies near hotels – there is an unfavorable exchange rate. The best place to exchange money in Thailand is banks or exchange offices available in large supermarkets.

Shopping in Thailand

Fixed prices for various goods in Bangkok are available only in large stores and department stores. In most shops and shops you can bargain, reducing the price to 30% of the original cost. Remember, Thais value a good sense of humor and tourist manners quite highly, so refrain from raising your voice and be patient.

Cotton and silk.

In Thailand, there are many silk shops, ready-made clothing stores;

Bronze products, silver products with niello

They can be purchased, for example, in the Chiang Mai shopping center (the center of traditional handicraft production in Thailand);

Tin and ceramic products.

Also available for purchase in downtown Chiang Mai;

Jewelry and precious stones.

Most of them are sold in Pattaya, as the resort is located near Chantanaburi, where precious stones are mined;

Folk products.

They can be purchased at the Chatuchak market, which is open on Saturdays and Sundays, as well as in the Chiang Mai shopping center.

Among other things, it is worth visiting local department stores that sell imported and local goods, leather shops, as well as antique shops and tours in Chiang Mai that allow you to visit local factories that produce silver, silk and glazed products.

Thai Cuisine

Local residents believe that any dish should be based on high-quality and tasty products, and anyone can create a culinary masterpiece from them. Interestingly, Thai cuisine, despite its exoticism, is one of the healthiest and most delicious cuisines on the planet. What dishes in Thailand should you pay special attention to? Here is just a small list of them:

  • Larb Kai. This is the name of a chicken dish with chopped onions, peppers and lime juice;
  • Yam Nua. Grilled meat, onion with lime juice and pepper, cucumber;
  • Poh Piah Sod. So called buns with scrambled eggs, sausage and vegetable salad;
  • Tom Kha Kai. Spicy soup with coconut milk and chicken meat;
  • Phat This is the name of rice noodles with a special sauce, shrimp, eggs, bean sprouts and green onions;
  • Tom Yam. Spicy soup with mushrooms and shrimps. Is a Thai visiting card;
  • Som Tam. This is the name of a very spicy green papaya salad. It is also the hallmark of the country;
  • Mi Krob. Fried pasta served with sweet and sour sauce.

In addition to visiting various cafes and restaurants in Thailand, tourists are advised to try all kinds of fruits sold in local shops and markets, because there is everything here, from simple apples to exotic fruits.

How to Get Around Thailand