How to Read Messages on Whatsapp without Which The Issuer Knows That You Read Them

Since the beginning of humanity human beings dreamed of living forever… and read WhatsApp messages without the other person becomes aware. The first thing what still have descent, but in terms of WhatsApp messages there are several methods that you can use to read messages as a real ninja.

WhatsApp began being somewhat ambiguous regarding the status of sent messages. He had a tick for sent messages and a mysterious double tick that some believed meant that he had read, and others who simply had been received. Then came the double blue check to end the doubts. If it appears, you have read, if not, not.

Personally I’m a bit like my WhatsApp to display messages as read since I think that the other person should understand that I have more important things to do at this time that respond instantly, but it is understandable that some people can get into an unnecessary trouble for this same problem. Fortunately, there are several ways to read messages without knowing the other person.

1 disabling the double check

The first technique is also the most obvious. If you don’t like the double check, turn it off completely. To do this go to WhatsApp settings – My account y Privacy. The option in question is called Read receipts. This option does not work in the group chat, however.

To disable the read receipt the other person will not see when you read a message, but you will not see when you have seen your loved ones. The only thing you have to do is turn back the confirmation message When you want to pretend you have read messages (if possible before responding to that not being noticed much) and fixed.

Go changing this setting without stopping is not as comfortable in the world and has other problems. First, it applies to all contacts at once, and also sometimes old messages take to receive your double blue check, demonstrating in a way that has been playing something since you have responded by leaving messages without reading between.

The evidence of the crime

Another option is to always leave this option turned off, even if the other person gets angry because you read the messages and not respond, probably also get you angry because you have disabled the read receipt, since you will think you’ve done exactly that: read the message and respond.

2. from the notification

Another classic still simpler is to read messages from Android notifications. This is the simplest method as the only thing you have to do is deploy the notifications panel and read. The problem is that the very long messages they will be cut, but well, at least you can get an idea.

The trick is to press Answer to unfold the floating window for quick answers. This window shows you the entire message in a small box and does not send the notice that you have read the message, even though you started to write (if that shows you as connected and typing, however). It really is the best method to read messages without detection.

With the tiny button on the upper corner you can alternate between the different pending messages, and even shows you if the other person is connected at that time. This is one of the few ways you have of see photos undetected.

3. with the widget

If you are a professional of read messages in ninja mode, perhaps like WhatsApp widget. It is resizable (in compatible launchers), shows you the latest messages without reading in a list, with scroll and, best of all, without notifying the other person that you read them.

The only thing you have to be careful as the deception is in no touch by mistake the content of the widget, WhatsApp will open quickly and, therefore, marked as read messages.

4 disconnect you from Internet

Desperate situations require desperate measures, and here is a good example. WhatsApp may not give notice that you read messages If you do not have Internet connection. Indeed so, but obviously you will not receive new messages.

That if, as soon as WhatsApp retrieves Internet access first thing it does is send the notification, even if you are currently with another application.

5. with other applications

With the arrival of the blue double check all applications did also to avoid it, since then there was no option to disable it. Some of them are based on the previous trick (disable your Internet connection), but others such as Shh they are based on notifications.

What makes this application is read your notifications to capture your messages and show it to you in its interface in a more orderly way than with previous methods. With the number of methods to achieve the same without installing anything extra is difficult to justify its installation, although those who need to pretend the unreadable very often you’ll enjoy more practical.