How to Sleep Well in the Summer? 11 Foolproof Tips

Sleep well in the summer, the 8 hours required for the proper functioning of the body can become a Herculean task. Between the stuffy air and the constant sweat, it seems that we spend the nights in the rolling in bed looking for a comfortable and fresh, and nothing happens.

And that lack of sleep disrupts especially REM sleep, which is where we spent an intense brain activity linked to our physical and emotional well-being. The result is a feeling of tiredness the next day, the lack of attention and that a bad mood characteristic of who sleep badly.

If you identify with this situation, relax that separate great tips so that you can sleep well in the summer. The important thing is that you strive to not increase your body temperature and make sure the air around your bed is not too dry.

Check Out 11 Tips For A Good Night’s Sleep In The Summer

1–Cool Strategic Parts Of The Body

Hands, feet, wrists, neck, internal parts of the arm and thigh have great blood circulation and therefore have the ability to generate a freshness all over my body. In the days of unbearable heat, water with a cloth or ice cream with an ice pack these areas. In no time you’ll be feeling better and more relaxed for sleep.

2-Take A Warm Bath Before Bed

Usually we think that to sleep well in the summer it is interesting to take a cold shower before going to bed, but the situation is quite the opposite. When we take a bath too cold our body begins to warm up to ensure that the temperature continue between 36.5° C and 37° c. To be refreshing for longer, try leaving the lukewarm water.

3–Avoid Exercises Or Intense Activity Before Bed

Physical activity at night can even leave you tired and make you feel more sleepy, but she will not offer you a comfortable night. By practicing an exercise the body temperature increases and you get to retain the heat that must be dissipated through sweat. Before bedtime, opt for lighter and relaxing activities.

4-Seek The Lowest Places To Sleep

Surely you ever wondered why one day we put on the floor heaters and air conditioners on top, right? The reason is that the air movement naturally – the hot up and down cold. This little law of physics can be applied to ensure that you will sleep well in the summer.

Search for local produce and lower to sleep. If you live in a House, sleep on the floor or even in the basement. In apartments, you can go to bed with a mattress on the floor and improve the quality of your sleep.

5-Activate The Air Conditioning (Or Malandramente)

If you have an air conditioner in the room, it’s time to activate it. To reach the recommended temperature – between 22ºc and 24 C-turn it about half an hour before going to sleep. So the room will be cold when you lie down. Just don’t forget to clean the filter before, probably because he was off for a few weeks/months. As these devices reduce air humidity, a bowl with water in a corner of the room improves air quality and, consequently, your sleep.

If you only have fan, no problem. The trick is to put it on the bed with a bowl of ice water just ahead.The air coming out of the fan will be incredibly refreshing. Do not turn the fan directly to your face or very close to your body. This can cause slight chills and tighten your neck muscles.

6-Replace Blankets And Sheets For Models With Lighter Materials

Blankets and sheets with weaving of cotton and linen do not retain heat and allow the circulation of air between the skin and the pillowcases. So, are the most recommended for warm summer evenings. Save the options of satin, silk and synthetics for the winter. The same goes for pajamas!

7–Place Your Linen In The Freezer

Calm down! If the situation is really chaotic, you can do a trick to ensure a refreshing sensation for 30 to 40 minutes and thus get at least falling asleep. Place your linen (dry!) in a plastic bag and leave it in the freezer for 30 minutes before bedtime. When I put the clothes back in bed, she’s going to be cool for some time.

8-Don’t Go To Sleep Without Clothes

Many people may think this option as one of the first measures to be taken when you have difficulty sleeping well in the summer, but experts say she should be avoided. What happens is that when you sleep without clothes and your, the humidity and the heat are in the mattress and cannot evaporate.The recommendation is that you opt for smaller and Pajamas in lightweight fabrics like cotton.

9-Let The Room Air

Throughout the day, the room will be warm with the sun exposure (if possible, let the curtain closed to decrease this effect). Therefore, it is recommended to open the Windows to let air circulate. But before you go to bed, leave only a crack open to prevent hot air dominate the room at night.

10-Use Insect Repellent

When the temperature rises, the number of insects also increases considerably. And what does this have to do with sleep well in the summer? It’s simple: the nuisance caused by insect bites and the (bloody) tinnitus gets in the way our night and prevents reach deep sleep. To avoid this situation, invest in bodily or repellents.

11–Use A Thermoregulatory Mattress

Oddly enough, there are mattresses that already have this function to help people sleep well in the summer. One of them is the Double Pocket LaTeX mattress Gel, which has a latex pillow top gel that acts as a temperature thermo regulator. In addition, he prioritizes the extreme comfort and individuality of movements during sleep.


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