HTC Aero, Leaked Images Show Their Reasonable Resemblance with The IPhone 6

It seems that HTC also they conspire to bring to the market a new smartphone from reference return them the lost credit, and although the Taiwanese still have far to go, although it is true that its starting point is not bad with an excellent design in its latest HTC One.

The so-called new flagship of HTC referred to as ‘Aero’, Although we do not know anything about your presentation, commercial name or specifications, but we do have these two filtered images in China showing a similar more than reasonable iPhone 6.

A very thin device, with metallic finish all your housing and rounded edges that make one think in a change of course in the design of the HTC One, maintaining that if metal like hallmark.

However, it is difficult to explain a shift like this, directly to the lines of the iPhone 6 from Apple without thinking of a necessary recycling to the successful design of the HTC One, but with few modifications would remain very attractive.

In front we see the glass as the protagonist, with the everlasting logo front of HTC and a bottom hole where you could register the fingerprint sensor, details that they will again grow the framework above what many users would want.

Surely they are prototypes at an early development stage, so at the moment we will have to take these images as a mere orientation of the tests the Taiwanese manufacturer is doing.