HTC Announces That It Will Begin to Use Panels S-LCD in Nexus One and HTC Desire

Secret to voices that we took for granted, but needed to be an official statement by HTC. The Taiwanese firm announced today that they will start using S LCD screens on their mobile phones from the summer.

As we already knew, Samsung can not meet the demand of AMOLED displays to third parties, since she herself eats production in phones such as Samsung Galaxy S and Samsung Wave, and HTC has had to look for alternatives.

We can officially announce that the next Nexus One and HTC Desire that will be hitting the market will be having a joint developed by Sony and Samsung S LCD panels. This will obviously impact on increased production, and ultimately higher sales, taking into account people who is waiting for you.

Without knowing many details about technology, we ensure that the new screens of 3.7 inches are up to the levels of quality and consumption with the AMOLED, speak of consumption of five times less than a conventional LCD. The viewing angles are also improved significantly thanks to Sony technology VSPEC III.

I leave you with a link to a comparison between different types of screens in full light of day, and if you are still interested in the topic, also inform you about the development of new more resistant AMOLED screens.

Become the first comparative

A first comparison between the above screens, on the one hand a HTC Desire with the new S LCD, on the other hand a Nexus One with the AMOLED, We also have a Motorola Droid screen IPS, and finally a Samsung Wave with Super-AMOLED.

In viewing angles the new S LCD losers, but much better than a conventional LCD. The contrast is also better on the AMOLED screens, and only in the representation of colors seems to be more faithful to the new screen. Let’s see it: