HTC Desire, HTC HD Mini and HTC Legend, Have Tried

HTC He has presented three new phones in the MWC and we have wasted no time and have led us to try them out.

Of the three mobile submitted HTC two are with Android 2.1 -the HTC Desire and the HTC Legend -, while the HTC HD Mini come with Windows Mobile 6.5, Although at first sight it is like using the same mobile and virtually only we see the difference when we access the applications screen.

This uniformity on phones HTC the interface provides HTC Sense It is that we always have the feeling to be using the same mobile. This is good, because it facilitates the transition from one terminal to another, but also unifies and erases the differences of a range which clearly is beginning to be too uniform without differentiating for nothing its terminals.

HTC Desire

The jewel in the Crown of the phones that have been tabled today is the HTC Desire. The HTC Desire has been compared with the Nexus One and not for less: their technical specifications are virtually the same since it only varies the housing and the optical trackpad – which I personally do not quite like -.

Obviously that the HTC Desire take a processor 1 GHz Snapdragon is noticeable in the fluidity and agility of the phone. It is one of the most powerful phones in the market with Android and the inclusion of HTC Sense, clearly it is friendlier than Android to dry, you can give him several points on the Nexus One Google – though it’s really almost the same phone-.

HTC Legend

The HTC Legend is identical to the HTC Desire -really is the successor of the HTC Hero, only that with something less technical characteristics, although their use we have not noticed any appreciable difference, even has the same optical trackpad.

Possibly the most unique part of this phone is its aluminum casing of a piece that inevitably recalls the Pro Unibody MacBooks from Apple – which gives an aesthetic original-. In addition their design and form remember much to the HTC Hero, He could say that it is his clear successor.

I know that many readers of Engadget Mobile, the hardware for the design premium, for but of the HTC Legend It is simply spectacular – as well as very strong-.


The HTC HD Mini It is possibly the most different of the three phones because of its operating system – Windows Mobile 6.5 – but the truth is that the layer of HTC Sense It is exactly identical to which runs on Android and from my point of view improvement much experience in the use of Windows Mobile.

The HTC HD Mini It clearly is the younger brother of the HTC HD2, both in size and in hardware, but although not as powerful, their use and operation is correct; It is a more compact option that can be very seductive.

Strangest thing of the HTC HD Mini It is that on the back are four nails and to elevate the housing you can see that the inside of the phone is yellow.

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Hd2 dl desirehd v2.0 sd nand 02 10 2017 : zhongnonfi

Hd2 dl desirehd v2.0 sd nand 02 10 2017 : zhongnonfi