HTC HD2, Do All The Versions Have 576MB of RAM?

At the time which aired version of the HTC HD2 to America, many users of the original model were felt in inferiority of possibilities to check that it had with 1GB of ROM memory 512 MB, and 576MB RAM 448 MB in the original model.

These changes originated theories about a supposed Windows Mobile 7 upgrade for the American version, so it began investigations into the model that we have in Europe, and we have managed to determine that our models also feature 576 MB of RAM memory.

It is really strange maneuver of HTC, disabling features or limiting them in their most powerful phone, remember that connectivity WiFi 802. 11n is a possibility the device hardware, but neither is directly enjoyable user.

In the case of the extra RAM (128MB which is not joke) it is possible to enable it with a custom ROM to do this, that would not be otherwise are prepared the guys at XDA-developers.

We wonder what is the reason for hiding memory extra of the HTC HD2, may not encourage competitors to create devices with more capabilities than their own, or else leave the possibility hidden until the submission of Windows Mobile 7, either way it seems a very smart choice in the face of users.