HTC Incredible, Is Seen Again in Three Images

As the Guadiana, appears and disappears, it was a few days before the Mobile World Congress giving hype, and we almost forgot it until the day of today, in which the HTC Incredible be seen in three new images.

There is no doubt that despite the poor quality of the photos and the video that we saw at the time, This new HTC Launches a new brand image, unless your design has different to what we have used the Taiwanese company lines.

The back of the phone is striking, even without the lid have different levels that we saw in the first images. Also see as It includes details on red buttons and connections that give a more casual look to your phone, and is possibly that particular color to accompany the operator Verizon in the U.S..

Moreover it is strange that so long it takes talking about that Nexus One will be shown on Verizon in a few weeks, and do so at the same time that a phone so similar, and it is assumed that both share the same controversial AMOLED screen of 3.7 inches, and the circuitry Qualcomm Snapdragon 1 GHz.

Other specifications that are expected to share is the 2.1 version of the Android operating system, but in this case with the interface HTC Sense that I have had the opportunity to meet with HTC Legend and Desire. So we will have 3 really similar phones on the market, and possibly sharing operators on both sides of the Atlantic, a detail really strange.

A fourth member can enter in scene, but only in the United States, and it is also pending presentation HTC Supersonic, a phone at the same level in features, but with the particularity of having WiMAX connectivity in the network of the operator Verizon. Conclusion, too many HTC at the same site.