HTC Legend: Battery, SIM and Memory Card after a Body of Aluminium

The announcement of the HTC Legend It was very well welcomed by media and public, few negative things I have had the opportunity to read, but if many doubts about its unique body designed in a piece of aluminium.

The main was to know the solution adopted to include the battery inside, unafraid to be fixed as of some other manufacturer, but nothing further from reality the system appears to be quite gotten and allows us to remove the battery at whim, as you can see in the pictures.

You just have to remove the lower part of the back, a piece of black plastic that serves as a door for the battery, and thus we have free access to do whatever we want with it. Another interesting thing about this piece is that serves as antenna, at least that is what I have had the opportunity to read in various media from your presentation.

Just before removing the battery, have a protective surface that also opens, there we find the SIM card and microSD. This makes it possible that we can change the memory card without having to remove the battery.

Are gradually discovering as HTC has worked in a major way in the details of the HTC Legend, a worthy substitute for the Hero, we hope soon to speak first-hand.