HTC Responds with Data to Apple, as an Unofficial

When Apple He made his lecture about the iPhone 4 and the problems that extend across the network, it took the main competitors to argue that all have the same problem, in fact prepared to a website so we could check it how many times we want.

All companies not have sat you like, such as RIM, first to respond and that you find it unacceptable that they put it in the same pot, second Nokia wanted to make it clear that although their terminals were not on the list, they put the good operation of the phone to the same design.

Either Samsung or HTC have spoken out formally, but if we have been able to read some statements by representatives of HTC in these last hours.

Eric Lin, HTC global public relations did not want to enter into a direct dispute with the Cupertino, merely established a comparison just at the point where the Apple is very proud: complaints from users due to problems with the antenna.

Eric reported on your terminal HTC Droid Eris, that could qualify as the Hero American, which has worked really well in the market (the third model Android in the U.S.), and takes much longer in the market, and in regards to complaints about the operation of the antenna, they have with a 0.016% on the number of phones sold.

If we compare it with the 0.55% posted by Apple at the Conference, the number is quite minor, and although we can not draw important conclusions, I think quite elegant by HTC to reply with the same medicine to Apple, which enter into disputes.

The tests are not made to wait

We can say that the problem is reproduced on other phones on the market?, whatever it is the network they are appearing heaps of videos doing tests with you bars of coverage, a very complete example is battery prepared by TechnoBuffalo:

As you might expect, the two Apple devices have the same symptoms, as representatives HTC (Nexus One, EVO, Aria) leave unscathed the test, in the same way that the Motorola Droid X. the Captivate Samsung (Galaxy S) decreased somewhat faster in their bars of coverage than the rest of the phones in the test.

The network can find more evidence of the same characteristics, some corroborating, contradicting others, so few conclusions can be drawn from this more than complicated forms of pick up the phone We are discovering, and is best do not place the antenna in the place where we are going to hold the phone.