“HTC, Stop Deceiving Us!”, Singular Protest by HTC Updates Policy

The European Terminal HTC Hero users have taken to the street, virtually speaking, putting in place an initiative in which they requested the Taiwanese multinational company in a few words, let go by the branches and provide a solution to the continuous suffered delays in the update of the smartphone to the Android 2.1 system permanently Eclair.

Is not for less, since a few days to get the desired date, HTC announced a new delay of the same at the same time given to know the implementation of the phase of testing of the version of Android 2.2 FroYo.

So EuroDroid coworkers have launched an online petition coming in the early hours of this morning to the 1,700 signatures of outraged users who desire to reach the following HTC headquarters in Taiwan:

This request will be directed to the company High Tech Computers.

We, the HTC Hero smartphone with Android system users protest against the policy pursued by HTC with the firmware update for HTC Hero Android 2.1. How much longer do you think to feed our hungry based on promises? Why the update already has been postponed several times, despite the grief of the terms declared officially in that this was going to carry out?

Due to this attitude with its most loyal customers, they lose existing and potential customers for their products. Through the Internet we raise our cries of outrage and demand that they comply with their obligations in time and the responsibility of their own commitment.

HTC, respect its customers! Otherwise, we’ll respect them to you!!

As the saying, that doesn’t cry not MOM and this is good proof of this. Unfortunately, it is possible that the organizers of the initiative are able check as the number of subscribers to its appeal does not increase as much as it would be expected, so far to have some effect, stays in a purely anecdotal fact. Now what, not get the promised update in June … what will the next step be?